Cassini-Higgens Saturday Journey: 20 Years of Love Story!

Cassini is the second name of love for scientists and pigeons of science. The spectacle we saw today in Saturn could never have been possible without the casino’s places. According to the photographs seen from the telescope, Saturn was nothing but an unstable scene, but how the casino watched us, science is indebted to this veil!

I have written as many empty space articles, in which I like writing about Saturn. In a short time, I borrowed money from friends for reading their geography books, people who used to take classical science books from class 9, they would bring me a science book, there was a chapter on the solar system, Missed from Since then, Saturn was different from all planets because it has a special ring system – yet it is to go after Saturn’s love.

The information I received from the Casino-Hyegeon Mission increased the level of love. Whenever a new post appeared on the NASA website on Saturn, I was shocked to enjoy them. Thinking today, let’s share some good with you. Let’s know all the possible information about the Cassini-Hughes probe …

For the first time, Pioneer 11 was sent for a space probe, which was in 1979 – for the first time, scientists confirmed that there is a dense environment of Saturn’s largest moon Titan. And this is really a big news, because such an environment is very low. Based on this data, the severity of scientists has increased more. They are sure about it, and definitely should go to Saturn, and now this Titan will not be crossed by crossing the land.

But the voice-1 and voice-2 were moving towards Saturn, in which the lander could not be added anymore. And similarly Cassini-Higens was born. In October 1997, space was sent for investigation. However, there is no word on the moon in the morning, where the sun always prevents its gravity. How can the casino be brought in the solar system more often than the Sun? Now if there is a fight against the sun’s gravity, it is necessary to speed up the fatal momentum.

Investigation takes a clever approach to speed up its speed. The casino uses the planet to increase its speed. Using the planet’s gravitational force, it increases the speed of its planets. It first hit on the planet twice on Friday and then returned to Earth – with the help of Earth’s gravitational force, it went to Jupiter and Jupiter gave final push to send Saturn to Cassini.

Casino has helped to locate Titan, where there is a liquid sea like the Earth, and where it has many possibilities to preserve it. We have heard about Saturn’s complex ring system in this process. The casino’s information forced the scientists to think about the birth of a new solar system.

The more interesting thing will come out, if you know how the veil gets its power! – Includes Radio Isotope Thermo Electric Generator, the main source of its power is 33 kilogram radiosomatic plutonium. Over the years, it is capable of generating power even if it has the power to produce 700 watts of electricity. So how powerful you can do! But its down-side is also there. If the scientists incorrectly calculate and crash into space, at least 5000 people can die from radiation after cancer. But this opportunity is 1 times per million, there is no reason to worry!

The reason for pushing nuclear power is due to the fact that solar panel technology was not very good at that time, and especially when the saturn was very far from the sun, so there was enough energy available to get energy. Radio Isotope Thermo Electric Generator will be able to get long exposure, although the casino is no longer there, but if still there were, it could get enough power.

Casino mission
The purpose of the Casino mission is to have a wide range of versatile lessons, especially the Saturn system system, which was one of the main missions. In addition to Saturn’s discovery of Moon, Saturn’s Magnetosphere was sent to Cassini-Higensis on Saturday to study the atmosphere of Saturn and to seek a more severe Titan.

Cleanliness …
In fact, there was another spacecraft with Cassini named Hijns, after his name. It was originally a lander flame, which was connected to the casino to descend on Titan’s surface. And together, their names are “Casino-Hyigen” – is the story now?

Sanitary lander is sent to a tattoo, and it was designed to monitor the surface of Titan. The atmosphere of Titan was so thick and washed that it was almost impossible to see from its surface, so Hygens was sent to the front page. Hygens is 1.3 meters wide and weighs 300 kg! It separates from the orbiter and spends 22 days in space and then gets immersed in Titan’s environment. It awakens just 15 minutes before entering Titan’s atmosphere, and what is seen after waking is incredible in the history of science!

After entering Hygens Titan, you can take a look at the live timeless video below!

After entering Hygon’s Titan’s atmosphere, it starts recording on airplanes, compositions, wind speed, etc. However, soon after landing on the surface of the Titan, prawn battery life was very low. Scientists thought that Hagen would land on Titan’s sea or lake, so it was designed according to it. But seeing the video, it can understand that it landed on a dry lake. However, there is a lot of discussion about Hygens, and we kept them for another article.

… let’s come back to the casino
If casino missions are discussed, then this is definitely a successful mission. You can take a glimpse of its accomplishments from the following Infographics.

Image: NASA / JPL

It has been sending various scientific data from around the world for the past 13 years. Apart from this, some sniffing pictures from space, which was not the fate of our eyes before Cassini. By NASA, you will find many photos of the Cassini mission from their website. If you wish, you can explore these links. And while searching for photos, I will not be responsible at all to lose my language!

The images of this gallery have been completely corrected in Real Just True Colors, so do not think that Seiji! Yes, ask your eyes to believe.

What is casino doing now?
At present the casino has no existence, it has now become a part of Saturn. Casino has become steam in Sunny’s atmosphere. But it offers a lot before burning. From the closest to history, it is shunned from Saturn, Saturn Circle system and Moon. Before mixing the sun into the sun, many planets and ring systems fly together very closely, with very rich and important information collection which could never be imagined.

The casino creates a very accurate map of Saturn’s gravitational and magnetic field, and scientists can learn more about how the core of the planet can become. Apart from this, there are many materials in the ring system which also describes the curtains of space. From these figures, it is possible to improve our knowledge that how the gas giant was born in our solar system.

It has completed 20 years of mission, until it starts in the probe and becomes converted into vapor in the atmosphere of Saturn. And it has helped us to think again that perhaps there might be a small possibility of Titan or Enceladus. This is an exciting love story, where knowledge needs to be felt. I know, you are also a space priority and our emotions are often the same.

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