Popular California Real Estate Investing Strategies

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California real estate investment is a challenging market for seasoned investors, not to mention new investors in the practice. The Golden State has been in a cycle of foreclosure acquisitions since the banking crisis. However, this has opened the door for investors to buy real estate well below market value.

Real estate investing in California can be a lucrative practice as long as investors take time to get to know the area. Many markets have seen house prices fall by as much as 40 percent. Today, investors can locate affordable homes in areas such as Malibu, where prices have often been prohibitive to generate positive cash flow.

Housing prices are already rising in the interior such as San Diego, Los Angeles, and San Bernardino. Investors who are interested in real estate in these areas should now develop strategies to take advantage of lower prices.

To make money through California investments, investors must spend time to see the market conditions and real estate available. This is particularly important when investors plan to use real estate as a rental home or the offer owner will afford financing options.

It is important for investors to learn in landlord/tenant laws because California has some of the most stringent in the country. A good place to start is the California Property Management website. Visitors can locate information about rental laws, compliance regulations, download brochures and a variety of forms of real estate.

Investors who are just beginning to consider should work with real estate attorneys to draft lease or purchase contracts. Those who inadvertently violate laws or who do not comply with leasing laws can be subject to heavy fines.

According to the US Census Bureau, nearly half a million people move to California every year. This provides a great opportunity for investors to generate positive cash flow. The key to success is understanding the needs of the new population.

Investors who plan to rent or sell homes for families should locate properties in highly desirable school districts. Those who focus on hiring white-collar workers will want to invest in homes stationed near airports and interstate regulations. Spending time figuring out what the newly cultivated population wants investors can help attract long-term tenants.

The owner’s offer will carry financing allowing investors access to a large number of people who want to buy a home but cannot qualify for bank loans. Many people think creative finance is illegal, but that is far from the truth.

Economic conditions have made it possible to qualify for a mortgage next to the impossible unless the borrowers have ideal credit. Many California residents want to buy a home, but they are not eligible for funding because of credit defects. Investors can offer solutions by offering real estate under an option lease-purchase agreement or reseller mortgages.

Rent to has become a popular choice because buyers can stay at home as a tenant while working on their final purchase. Investors can sweeten the transaction by locking the purchase price in the contract. Since the average rating in California is 9 percent, the home will be worth more when buyers get financing.

The seller carrying mortgages involves acting as a mortgage financier for partial or full financing. When partial financing is provided, buyers receive a mortgage and sellers return the remaining portion of the purchase price. When fully funded, sellers carry the loan for a few years until buyers qualify for a bank loan.

Real estate investment in California still offers an opportunity to profit, but doing so requires ingenuity and awareness of market conditions. It may be helpful to work with a realtor or network with other investors who have strong experience with buying homes in Golden State.

Simon Volkov has years of experience in real estate investing in California. He shares the secrets of how to weather the storm and provides tips for generating positive cash flow using investment properties

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