Natural Care for Animals of All Kinds

One of the things that excited us about growing our own food was the fact that we were going to have food from our own garden and meat from our pigs and chickens without the added hormones and chemicals. While it is true that we didn’t have to add chemicals, there were a lot of chemicals we didn’t think about that come into play on a regular day. For example, the horses have flies that bother them, the donkey constantly has a scratch from something, the garden has bugs that have to be attended to, and then there is the de-worming of all the animals. So in the hopes of trying to have a chemical free home and toxic free family, we started looking into other options for our little farm.

When we first started the farm 7 years, we started with chickens. We actually hatched our first chicken in an incubator in our kitchen (it was a 1st grade science project). It was so neat watching the baby hatch and then raising more chicks one by one. One thing that I did not know about the chickens was that they are so fragile. One time we bought a couple of very unusual chickens from a sale. We were so excited about the them. We got them home, set up their pen, gave it food and water, and went to bed. The next morning we came out to feed all the animals and low and behold the chicken was dead! I couldn’t believe it. I started researching to see what would have happened. I came to learn that chicks tend to get stressed out very easily. Over the years we have had some chickens get an upper respiratory issue and then die. We have bought all kinds of medicines to help the chicks to get past the sicknesses but nothing helped. so we decided to look into natural care for the animals. What we discovered was that essential oils were getting great results for people and animals. So about 2 1/2 years ago, my family started using essential oils for our support. We started with our family and the cats and dogs. The oils worked great on the fleas and ticks as well as for helping an unset pet calm down and relax. Next, I found that chickens could truly benefit from several essential oils as well. We used lavender to help them relax and Thyme to help those respiratory issues.

The pros for use essential oils outweigh the cons to me. I have used a variety of them on all of our animals including the horses and donkey. I knew I would not go back to store-bought cleaners, pet care products, or bug spray when my best friend called and told me a very scary story about her little dog. She had gone to the store and bought a collar for her dog and soon after putting it on her she began to act really funny. She could not walk and could not get up and down on the chair. In a couple of hours the dog was paralyzed. When she went to the vet, he told her this was one of the side effects of the chemicals in the collar. I have totally loved our toxic free home and farm. We now, very quickly and easily make our own bug spray, spray for flies, and spray for the scratches on the animals. I have actually saved money because all the products I use on the animals are safe for my family as well. I can make one bottle of bug spray and put it on the kids before they go out to keep flies and gnats away and then take that same bottle to the garden and spray the plants and get rid of all the aphids and beetles. I love my oils and I don’t see life without them.

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