Capstar – A Good Addition To Your Pet’s Flea And Tick Treatment Regime

Fleas are annoying blood sucking creatures that no pet owners want to see them on their pets. If you’re thinking they are just annoying, pause and ponder a bit more. They are not just irritating, but are of greater health risk to your dog, cat and other animals not excluding humans too. These pesky creatures thrive in a warm environment while feeding on mammals and the flea bites lead to numerous health issues including flea allergy dermatitis.

In spite of waiting for the fleas to infest and then treating your pet, the best option is the preventive measure. Several prescriptions as well as on-the-counter medications are available that helps in controlling these pests and diseases caused by them. However, at times when already your pet was heavily infested with fleas, you need to look around for the result-oriented solution that just works best in eliminating these dark colored creatures. Among the many, Capstar is one such treatment that is highly effective in destroying those adult fleas.

Capstar is one such flea medication on the market that most pet parents may be well aware of. Due to its quick action and high effectiveness in controlling fleas, it is quite popular. But, still there may be those in the shell that may be wondering whether really Capstar is capable of eradicating a heavy flea infestation. For all of them, here is a brief guide to this flea product to know more about it.

First of all, unlike topical treatments, Capstar is an oral treatment. The tablet is specially designed for easy administration contrasting to messy topical treatments. The oral flea control is easily given through the mouth or can also be mixed with food.

Usually, after a few hours of administration, you can find your pet scratching, but not to worry about this as it normally happens because of dying fleas.

What is the best part of this oral flea control product is – it starts working within thirty minutes and kills most adult fleas within 24 hours. However, you need to know that Capstar kills only adult fleas and is not capable of destroying flea eggs and flea larvae. Moreover, it can last a day leaving you with the option either to treat your pet with another dose of Capstar after 24 hours for heavy flea infestation or follow it with other long-term monthly treatments to control re-infestation.

It is evaluated that Capstar is safe for younger pets as young as four weeks old puppies and kittens. The oral tablet can be given to puppies and kittens with no negative reactions.

Many may know of topical treatments like Frontline plus and advantage, but Capstar is a good addition if you are looking for oral flea control products.

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