Frontline Plus for Dogs – Discover What Underlies Beneath the Treatment

Dogs and cats are more prone to external parasite attacks during summers. Various pests like flies, mites, mosquitoes and many more irritate your pets and some of them may even cause itching, inflammation and parasitic infections. Among them, fleas and ticks are the most common pesky organisms that harm your furry friends. Pet parents always look for the best remedy for treating their pets in order to keep them safe and healthy.

To eradicate these pests, Frontline Plus is a popular product that works to remove these pests. It is the most recommended treatment by vets. It is highly effective to treat your furry kids and avoids undesirable health conditions. Providing a complete protection for your canine and felines, the pest-control product has been clinically proven to be safe with minimal side effects (only in cases where treatment is not given as under directions of use.)

Basically, this topical solution should be administered monthly to shield your pets from parasitic infestation year around. This spot-on treatment is very powerful as it not only kills nasty parasites, but also prevents re-infestation by destroying their different life stages. On application, it starts working within a few hours and provides relief from insect bites and inflammation. Killing adult forms, the solution removes around 98-100% of them completely just in 24 hours freeing your furry friend from stings and itches. Moreover, this product also eliminates 98-99% ticks within 48 hours after the treatment.

Frontline Plus is made of two main ingredients – fipronil and (s)-methoprene. Collectively, they work to destroy these external parasites. Fipronil directly attacks adult stages through animal’s hair follicles. The active ingredient disrupts the central nervous system of pests, and eventually leads them death. It is stored in the sebaceous glands under the skin and is released out of the hair follicles continuously for long lasting protection against the external parasites.

The other active ingredient – (s)-methoprene is an effective insect growth regulator. This element inhibits the growth of flea eggs and larvae. Not only, it destroys all life stages of the parasite, but also eliminates different types of ticks. Killing these pests, the spot-on solution eliminates the possibilities of the most common parasitic diseases such as Lyme disease, Babesiosis, Rocky Mountain spotted fever and Ehrlichiosis.

Preventive products are always beneficial for treating dogs and cats, but it is also crucial to follow other protective guidelines to control the harmful external parasites from nestling on your pets.

Consider other Protection Tips

  • To keep your dog and cat safe from the on-surface pests, be proactive in checking them in and around your surroundings.
  • Regularly wash your pet’s bedding with the hot water and dry under the sun to kill any flea eggs or larvae.
  • Cover up all your outside crawl spaces and garbage bins to avoid wildlife that carry these pests.
  • Cut short bushes and grass in your backyard and nearby environment to deter these blood-sucking insects.
  • Vacuum your entire home frequently, especially upholstery, carpets, curtains, crevices and dark places as well as the lounge that your pets mostly prefer to rest.

Following the above tips along with treating your pet with Frontline greatly dismisses the chances of infestation. The monthly spot-on is definitely highly effective in controlling and preventing fleas and ticks, and keeping your pets safe and healthy.

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