Hiring a Professional Fully Bonded Pet Sitter Worth Every Penny – Here’s Why

For me, the cost of a fully bonded and licensed pet sitter was worth every penny! Here’s why I say this…

It wasn’t all that long ago that I had several cockatoos and parrots (set up in a separate building from my house), two dogs and a cat. Meanwhile, I wanted to travel across the Canadian western provinces leaving from the GTA (Greater Toronto Area). Not only was I anxious to deliver heirlooms to my newly married brother’s home in Calgary, Alberta, at that time, but I could also conduct a bit of family research along my way.

During the planning stages for this trip, my main concern was; “how can I comfortably travel across Canada knowing that I have several dependents with different needs, to attend to on a regular basis?”

Birds are easily stressed every time they are transported for any reason, and some even suffer motion sickness. Taking my birds to and from someone else’s home was never an option. Besides the stress transporting causes birds, there is also the concern of my birds contracting diseases from the other person’s birds (and vise-versa).

Many dogs left in kennels for lengthily periods of time also become stressed, causing them many health issues. Now Vet’s recommend special vaccination if you intend to leave your dog in a kennel. Same would be for cats.

Enter… the idea of hiring a professional pet sitter!

Selecting a fully bonded pet sitter gave me the peace-of-mind I so needed in order to take those three, glorious weeks traveling across Canada by automobile, while making sure to stop regularly along the way, to visit with friends and family.

As well as providing my exotic birds, dogs and cat with their individual daily needs, my professional pet sitter also brought in my daily postal mail from my mailbox, made sure newspapers were brought inside once they were delivered (and watered my bird building and house plants!), making my home look lived-in so those passing by would assume someone was in my home every day (because they were!).

During an in-home consultation, my pet sitter asked me to leave written instructions for each pet, along with my Veterinarian’s telephone number and address for emergency purposes. Some of my “babies” were even on medication, and this too was no problem for my chosen sitter.

Coming home to my furry and feathered family was truly a treat, as not one of them was stressed out or sick from my extended leave of absence. Having taken the time to pick the right pet sitter really did pay off… in spades!

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