How to Properly Take Care of Your Dogs and Cats

The world borders are shrinking and people are moving all over the globe in pursuit of jobs and careers. Pets are increasingly taking the place of siblings and family to stave off loneliness. At the end of a long day at work, a lot of people find it reassuring to know their pet will be waiting for them at home. They make us feel needed and their devotion is never in question. They are extremely good listeners and are willing to get stroked or petted or even ignored according to our moods.

Importance of Pets in Your Life

It is however important that we take care of them well not only for their well-being but for our good health also. They help to reduce anxiety levels and decrease loneliness. They can promote lifestyle changes by making you more active and ensuring you have a healthy active social life. Pets bring routine and order in your life because they have to be taken care of.

Caring For Your Cat

Cats are of many types, so it is important to get a cat that is suitable for your lifestyle. A cat wanting high maintenance is not suitable for a person with a very hectic lifestyle. A well-trained cat in the house with a clean litter box, fresh water and a mixture of wet and dry nutritious and balanced foods is what you pet want. Treats like pears and bananas could be given but not chocolates. Cats have to be groomed regularly weekly so that you can be sure they are free of fleas and parasites. They must be regularly taken to the vet for vaccinations, deworming, neutering, and spaying. They should also be trained so they learn the house rules and do not destroy plants or climb on to kitchen counters.

Caring For Your Dog

Likewise dogs also need proper care if you want them to be your true companion, as the saying goes. Your dog should be tagged with a collar so that it can be identified easily even if lost. The legal requirements for keeping a dog especially in the city should be met by checking with your local animal shelter or the local vet. It can also be spayed or neutered. There should be frequent vet visits for rabies and other vaccinations and for regular checkups. Dogs are loving and friendly and need to be hugged and petted regularly. They should be fed regularly with nutritious and balanced food and given access to clean fresh water. They must be brushed and cleaned regularly. Regular walks at least twice a day will give them enough exercise so that they are fit and healthy.

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