Pets Left Behind

A true crisis has unfolded over the years for those pets unable to relocate with owners. Many pets were dumped in shelters with owners surrendering them thinking they would be placed in homes… Unfortunately many were put down. Good pets. Young Pets. Older pets that had been with family for years. Christmas time and vacation time we see them dumped simply because they either could not find someone to care for them, was unwilling to pay boarding fee or wanted to get a new pet when they got back.

A very sad sad sad situation. As a pet owner myself I came cross country to California in 1990 from Independence, Mo. The thought of leaving my pets behind was never in mind. The thought of dumping my pets when I came to California never entered my mind. I made a life long commitment to them. I was told I would never find a place for 2 dogs and 2 cats in the Oakland area. Not only did I find one I had to move again before buying and found another rental that would take them.

Yes I had to do research. I was willing to pay a bigger deposit. Heck, I was willing to pay more rent each month if needed. If you are moving or relocating and have pets PLEASE if you truly cannot take them or care for them check with local breed rescues to see if someone would at least foster before taking them to shelters. Offer to pay for veterinary care until placed. Food. Shots if needed.

Pets are lifetime commitments and if you cannot keep that commitment you should not have one. I understand things happen and some are forced to give up their beloved pets but a majority of pet owners could have changed the course for their pets to ease their pets stress and destiny.

Don’t listen to naysayers who say you will never find a place. I certainly did not have a problem and proved them very wrong. If the dog or cat is older and in poor health it is more humane to have them put down than dropped in a shelter. The least you can do is to hold them as they exit this world and let them go with dignity and with the person they trusted.

To increase your chances of pet acceptance for housing do this: Put together a pet resume. Show they are up to date on shots and vaccinations. Have pictures of them with family or other pets. Have Vet write a recommendation. Have previous landlord write recommendation. Offer to pay more deposit, more rent, to have home professional cleaned and carpets cleaned when lease is over. NETWORK. Start early not a few days before you are set to move.
Remember Pets have feelings too!

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