How to Save Big on Pet Supplies

Animals are a joy to have, but a visit to the store for pet supplies can run a higher bill than you anticipated. Whether your pet is a bird, reptile, cat, or dog, you’ll need to buy food, toys, and cleaning products. There are a few tips that can help you save money when you make a trip to the store. From properly measuring meals to choosing a generic brand for your pet’s medical needs, there’s a way to keep your budget in positive numbers.

Measure Meals

When feeding pets, most people estimate how much to serve. While this may not be a problem for fish owners, those who own cats and dogs may be feeding their animal too much and spending extra money on food. To make sure you’re properly feeding them the right amount, measure each meal. You’ll likely realize that you’ve been oversupplying meals and won’t need to restock quite as quickly.

Buy in Bulk

This is true of grocery shopping and pet supplies as well. Typically, items that are sold in larger quantities have a lower price. The next time you’re browsing for rawhides, go for the more expensive bag with twice as many bones. Dog and cat owners can usually find pet supplies, like bones and kitty litter, in superstores that specialize in selling bulk items for less.

Use Coupons

Check online and at your local store for any coupon deals. Many coupons are offered for a variety of different brands, so there’s a good chance you can find a discount price for your particular brand. Coupon sites like Coupon Mom can also be a great resource for finding coupons for sale items and discounts in your area.

Go Generic

Going generic for any medical needs can save you a bundle. It’s helpful to do some shopping around before automatically purchasing the brand name products. Useful websites like PriceGrabber can help you compare costs side by side and find the best deal.

Make your own Toys and Treats

Toys and treats for dogs and cats can be expensive. If you’re running low on your toy and treat budget, consider providing your own entertainment. A tennis ball in an old sock can provide mental stimulation and make a dog extremely happy. For a cat, a piece of string and a feather hanging off an old costume is all it takes to stimulate them into play mode. Making treats can be easy as well. Since you don’t want to make your animal sick, familiarize yourself with which ingredients certain animals can’t withstand (dogs and chocolate for example). It’s also important to consult with your vet regarding any dietary restrictions for your animal. Visit the multitude of sites online dedicated to baking pet-friendly treats for recipes.

Using these few easy methods will likely save you a bundle the next time you visit the store for pet supplies. Being a pet owner is great fun, so play with homemade recipes, toys, and other ways to have fun while saving money.

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