Why Choose Advantage Flea Protection for Your Pet

Advantage flea protection will help protect your pets from those tiny pests, which slowly infest your dog and cats. Fleas and ticks if left unchecked can cause skin irritation and can even transmit disease causing organisms, which include tapeworms. They are not just harmful for the pets but they can also cause other diseases in the house. If you have young children or elderly in the house it is best to keep your pet free from fleas.

Here is a list of benefits of advantage flea protection.

  • It is very effective in stopping flea bites, within three to five minutes of application.
  • During a twelve hour period, it can effectively kill ninety five to ninety eight percent of fleas.
  • Apart from killing fleas quickly, it can help reduce the risk of secondary problems, which include flea allergy dermatitis and tapeworms.
  • Larvae of the flea are also killed, when it comes into contact with the medication.
  • It can be effective for well over thirty days. This ensures that you do not keep treating the pet for flea each week.
  • It kills all chewing lice, within one week of application.
  • It is effective even after your pet is given a bath or is groomed.

How does the advantage flea protection work? It has an active ingredient known as imidacloprid, which attacks the nervous system of the flea, causing paralysis and eventual death. As it kills fleas before they can start laying eggs, the entire cycle gets broken and your pet becomes free from fleas.

You must consult your veterinarian about the correct dosage of advantage to be applied. The veterinarian will determine the correct dosage based on the weight of your pet. Every month, this pre determined dose can be applied on the coat of the pet and it will start killing the fleas, within minutes of the application.

Buy advantage flea protection from veterinarians who will be able to guide you about its application for both dogs and cats. Most pets endure painful bites from fleas and application of advantage will help them get rid of this problem. If the problem is not treated immediately, it can cause a lot of stress to your pet.

Even if your pet had picked fleas from other animals, they will be effectively killed once advantage flea protection is applied. As the protection lasts for well over thirty days, you can be assured that your pet will stay protected from fleas and ticks.

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