Grooming Pads For Your Baby Puppies

Bringing home a new puppy can be one of the most exciting times for any family as most look at the addition of a new dog no different than bringing home a new baby.

But just like any child, a puppy needs to know house rules, no different than having a new born baby.

One of the first things you are going to want to start training with your new puppy is not to go to the bathroom anywhere they desire. This can be a very trying time for the new puppy and family alike as there is nothing more deflating than finding that “surprise” on the brand new carpet. That will happen at sometime at one way or another working on training right away will help eradicate the issue quickly enough.

Always remember that the new household member is one of the brightest creature in the world that would want to to please its new owner. It is your decision to teach them how to behave themselves in your home.

There are training pads for dogs that can help make it easier to house break your dog. It is important for you to absorb the idea that it generally takes longer to show a dog to go indoors than outdoors and some dogs will simply oppose.

A quality training pad should be a pad that has no leaks underside as well as the ability to put them in a no slip tray if you have a larger dog or very active smaller dog. Some will even contain attractants a dog will sniff and follow when it comes time to go.

You will want to select an area of the house to place the training pads that is far from where your dog eats, sleeps, and play and that provides easy clean up in case they “miss the mark”. It is best to start with a larger area that you can limit the space as your dog learns to go to this area on its own.

Just like walking your dog when training to go outside, you will want to take your dog to the potty designated place at all critical times that they would normally need to go. These include:

1. After a nap.
2. After exercise.
3. After a meal.
4. Before bed.
5. Any time you notice them sniffing the floor or circling an area.

A couple things we must tackle at this point. It is never acceptable to raise a hand to your dog, hit them with anything or rub their nose in it if they happen to eliminate somewhere unexpected other than the designated area. These techniques will never work and will do more long term damage to your relationship with your dog than good. Simply take your dog to the training area and correct them verbally.

Every time they eliminate in the proper training area you need to make sure you bestow positive praise. Remember your dog wants nothing else but to please you and make you happy. Knowing they have done this will lead to them wanting to do the exact thing you praise them every time.

It is important to only set up one designated place with your training pads for dogs so your dog understands that will always be the area they should go to when the urge arises. You will also want to make sure early on that your dog does not treat this area like a “play area”.

Puppies will be drawn to the pads and can sometimes mistake them for play area. Limit access to the area as much as possible and only bring them there when it is time for them to do their business.
Using a term like “do your business” in a calm and loving voice can also be a foundation for your dog to begin learning verbal commands.

Some people prefer to buy customary paper training with the aid of an attracting spray. While this may work it is not as nearly as effective as using the training pads and it certainly will offer more of a messy clean up. You can also use the training pads for dogs to show your dog to go outside rather than inside. It is important to remember that you should not attempt to train a puppy to go both in and outside as it will usually be too confusing.

To begin training your new puppy to go outside while inside the house, you will place a training pad at the very first place your puppy goes to the bathroom in the house. Each time they use the pad you will appreciate how good they are and provide love and praise.

You will begin moving the pad closer to the door each time they properly use the training pad.

Once you get to the door you can give your dog a choice by simply opening the door, pull the pad outside and allow them to per either on the ground or on the training pad. Provide praise if they use the pad or go outside on the ground. They will eventually start venturing out and going on the ground.

The great thing about this training is that when you are not at home to let your dog outside, you can always place a pad by the door and they will know where to go when they need. As with any other type of training, you must be patient and provide love and praise to your pet every time they do something right. You must remember that, same as a new born baby, they come into this world with no knowledge, ideas or whatsoever of anything and it is your job to teach them and show them all of the things they need to know and how to do things the correct way.

Training pads for dogs have provided a great and sanitary method to begin taking your new puppy down the road of learning any of the training you will want to teach them. Not going on the carpet is a great place to start!

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