Pad Training To Potty Train Your Puppy

Dogs are man’s best friend. We’ve heard this old saying a thousand times already, but unless you’ve owned a dog yourself, you will never fully appreciate the true meaning and value of the statement. To dog owners everywhere, dog’s aren’t simply a pet or a friend; they are an irreplaceable part of the family. However, like all members of the family, there are times where we become mad at them and in the case of dogs, it is most usually because of how they do their business. Much like how we potty train our children as they are growing up, it is also important to potty train our dogs; preferably while they are still young. For cases like these, it would be beneficial to get a puppy pad training mat to help you out.

Housebreaking Your Puppy

When trying to teach your dog where to do their potty, there are a few things that you need to consider. Firstly, it is important to be consistent. Like human beings, dogs also appreciate routines in their lives. They tend to remember patterns. That is why being consistent with their schedules can actually be beneficial. For example, you can walk them out around 7am or so, feed them at 8 when you get home, and they do their business at around 8:30. When you do this, you should never lose your cool. Dogs don’t really comprehend what you are saying but they can react to the tone of voice you useIimpose on them and they will know when you are upset at them. Being angry at them will result to nothing and it will just instill fear in them which makes it harder to interact with them and teach them.

If they do make a mistake, it is enough to clean up the mess immediately. Dogs always associate the smell of their litter as territorial markings. If they get accustomed to a certain place that smells of their litter, they might associate that place as the toilet and they will always do their business there. So if something happens, keep calm and clean it up.

Training Your Puppy Indoors

If you live in a condominium or you have a dedicated place or area for your dog to do their potty, then you can benefit from using puppy pad training mats to show them where to do it. First, you need to decide a location. Remember, since your dog will be doing their business here, you need to choose a proper location, preferably somewhere that isn’t near the kitchen or living room. Find a secluded spot that works and set up the litterbox, pee pads, papers, etc there. Word of advice, it is you who should choose the location and not your dog. Unless it would be the same place that you would choose, you should not allow your dog to dictate where they would like to relieve themselves. If your dog always does their business in the center of the living room and you simply have decided to place the mat there, you are not training the dog properly; you are simply giving up on potty training him or her.

Firstly you need to show your dog where you want them to relieve -the area with the litterbox, pads, and newspapers. This is to show them that this part of the house is different from the rest. Secondly, whenever your dog is about to do their business, set up the absorbent pads in that spot. They might fail the first few times but they will in the long run associate the pad with where they need to do it. Eventually, you can move the pad closer and closer to the litterbox until they have successfully done it there.

Training Your Puppy Outdoors

The most common method of potty training your puppy would be to have them do it outside the house. If your house has a garden, then that would be the perfect place for your dog to do their business. The procedure is similar; you will need puppy pad training mats as well but this time you will slowly place the pad to the outside area of the house. Set the pad where they usually do their business just like before and every time they do it there, give them love and give them a treat. Next, slowly move the pad closer and closer to the door. After that, whenever your dog goes to the pad, open the door and push the pad outside. If your dog does their business on the pad outside, praise him or her. If they miss, be gentle and don’t be angry; simply clean it up and wait for the next time.

Once, your pet get the idea, you can push the pad farther and farther out until it reaches to the garden. Your dog will begin to go near the door and signal that they wish to go out. This means that they want to go out and relieve themselves. Hopefully, you can install a dog flap on the door so that they can do their business even without you opening the door for them.

Dogs are very gentle pets and lovable companions. If you spend time and effort to teach them the rules of the house, you will never have to worry about waking up to a stink bomb or stepping on some unfortunate stuff.

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