Training Pads and Other Tools for Housetraining

One of the most regular challenges that most dog owners face is to teach their pets to go potty in a place they desired. If you have a big garden you can easily train your dog to relieve itself outside. Outdoor training is easier to teach compared to indoor training as the dog easily comprehends the difference between what is in and out from the house. Unfortunately, most apartment owners don’t really have that choice. They have to allot a spot for the dog indoors, where it’s easy to clean up and has ample access to running water. Before you buy a stock of training pads and start training your pup, you need to keep a few things to bear in mind.

Firstly, it’s best that you train your dog to have one specific spot. Dogs are usually bewildered if you give them more than one peeing spot to do their business. If you want your dog to poop in the garden, be sure to stick to that area by taking the dog out for a walk every day. Make sure the dog gets enough opportunity to relieve itself outside the house. If you think peeing outside is not really an option, then have a space indoors and it’s best not to shift the spot frequently. Asides from that be consistent with your reactions; praise the dog as soon as it goes in the right spot.

How to Choose a Spot:

Don’t let the dog choose its own potty area. Some people wait for the dog to choose its own space and then put the potty tray or litter box on top of that area. If you let the dog choose, it can be anywhere in the house, it can be right in the middle of the sitting area, where you spend time with guests, it can even be on top of an expensive carpet. A dog doesn’t understand the difference between a cashmere carpet and a bathroom floor tile. This is why, you need to make sure to train the dog to go in an area that you selected. As talked before, be sure to select a space where it’s easy to clean up. This might be a corner space in a bathroom or even a small space on the terrace. When selecting a space, think of the space as the permanent location where your dog will go and do its business. This is why, consider all aspects, and then start training. Choose a space that has easy to clean flooring such as tile or hardwood. This will make your life easier once you remove the training pads. It also wise to allocate a space, which is away from the eating and cooking area to prevent your eating and cooking place smell horrible.


Some dog owners hits the prize, if their pet starts pooping in the right area all by itself, without any coaching. If that’s the case with your dog, thank the Lords and move on to the fun stuff. However, this rarely happens, more often than not the only solution is to train your dog properly. Now, you don’t always need training pads, spray or tray to train your dog, but these simple items makes the training method a whole lot easier. Here’s our list of 4 tools that may help you potty train your pet.

Training Pads: This one tool can single handedly take care of the training process. Most training pads nowadays, contain attractants, which encourages the dog to do its business on the pad. All you have to do is put these pads in the designated space and reward the dog every time it poops or pees on top of it. These turfs has special layers that prevents spillage, which means all you have to do is dispose a dirty pad with a fresh one every time the dog uses it.

Trays: Although most pads are absorbent and prevents spillage, it’s always a good idea to have an extra layer of protection. Protective trays hold the pads in place and protect the floor from leaks.
Spray-on Attractant/Training Spray: If you want to use newspaper instead of pads, then you would certainly need one of these. After it’s sprayed on a newspaper, the dog will seek out the paper and relieve itself on top of it.

Exercise Pen: This will help you create a small confined area, which you can use to train your dog. These adjustable pens can be easily assembled and can be shaped according to your will.
Odor Repellent Surface Cleaner: If you don’t want the house to smell like dog poop, you better get one of these. These surface cleaners will come in handy during the training phase as it contains special enzymes that discourage dogs to poop in a cleaned area.


Now that you have all the basic supplies and information to housetrain your dog, it’s time for the training itself. There are a few different training methods you can adopt, however, we aim to discuss the simplest and the most effective method.

Create A Confined Space (Step 1): Using the exercise pen create a confined space that barely fits the dog’s bed, food bowl, and the training pad. Make sure the training pad is in the exact location, where you want the dog to go permanently. Once the space is set, the dog will have no option but to unload on the pad as they are usually reluctant to poop where they sleep or eat.

Clean The Pad (Step 2): Clean the pads regularly, and replace them with new pads. If you are using newspaper instead of pads, replace them when needed with fresh paper and spray some attractant on it. This will encourage the dog to go on the paper whenever it feels the need to pee or poop.

Increase The Confinement Space (Step 3): After a few weeks of training, your dog should get an idea about where to poop. This is when you can increase the confinement area and give your dog a little bit more freedom. If you are using pen you can buy another pen and add the panels to your existing pen to create a larger space. Keep increasing the confinement space until you feel that the dog independently chooses to use the paper or the pad.

Remove Confinement (Step 4): Once the dog gets accustomed to go to the potty area all by itself, remove the pen.

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