Buy Owl Pellet Kits at the Most Effectual Price

Whether it be the common barn owl, the great white horned owl or the snowy owl, these feathered creatures have long been fascinating, intimating, and the source of many tales and legends. Why is this so? First, as is true with most birds, owls have no teeth and therefore cannot chew their food. Unlike most other birds, owls are carnivores and they swallow their prey whole. Once owls swallow their prey, it enters the gizzard, a stomach-like organ, which then grinds the food up and separates the useful material from the waste tissues of the prey.

At, Owl Pellet Kits, waste material includes the bones, fur, teeth, skulls, claws and feathers, all of which would harm the owl if they traveled through its digestive system. Instead, the gizzard acts like a trash compactor, which then manufactures a ball, or pellet, which the owl then regurgitates.

At first, pellets were collected and studied by scientists who wanted to learn more about the habits and lifestyles of the more than 100 species of owls in existence today. These owl pellets present a history of not only what was going on with owls’ lives, but also information about the prey these owls consumed. Since these scientific studies, owl pellet kits became an educational tool and popular as a way for students to dissect them and learn about a variety of wildlife living and habitats.

Once in the educational milieu, owl pellets for sale became used in schools for children to learn about science, specifically the food chain, the predator/prey relationship in the wild, and ultimately -the owl’s important role in preserving the ecosystem. Schools sought after self-contained ‘kits’ they could use to educate children and thus was born the pellet owl kit. The typical owl pellet kit contains a number of pellets that are often designated as to what prey they are made up of, such as mole or bird. These owl kits pellet frequently contain a teacher’s guide, charts to help students identify bones, posters, and sometimes complete skeletons of actual prey.

In addition, dissection tools such as forceps, probes, magnifying glass or lens, and as well as a student guide may also be contained in Owl Pellet Kits. Some kits contain synthetic pellets for those parents and teachers who have concerns about safety, but most contain real owl pellets in kits that are scrutinized to make sure they are safe and have been carefully sterilized. Owl kits pellet are now commonplace in schools throughout the country and the dissection of owl pellets is an engaging, educational, and cost-effective learning tool.

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