Inside-Outside Dogs and Cats: 4 Tips for Dealing With The Extra Pet Hair, Dander and Odors

If you have a combination indoor – outdoor pet, you’re just about guaranteed to have more dirt, germs, and other things brought into your home. Most of these will not only bring in more dust and grass, but also mites, bacteria, fecal matter, and things they pick up from other animals. Obviously, this can increase allergies and the chances of humans picking up mites, worms, viruses, ticks, or bacterial infections from our furry friends, none of which are desirable.

So what can you do to minimize all the extra hair, dirt, dust, dander or other things that your pet is bringing in from outside? Here are 4 tips to make like easier, cleaner, and healthier for you, your family, and your indoor-outdoor pet:

1) Mats: Put a good mat on the ground outside a pet door and one on the inside. And try to pick those that have a slightly rough surface so they’ll pick up what might be on your cat or dogs paws. And don’t forget to spray these mats a couple of times a week with a disinfectant-this can help not only keep anything from growing on the mats, but can help sanitize their paws a little, killing any bacteria they might be tracking around your house. This also helps keep pet odors down in your home since much of what was on their paws won’t be tracked all over the house.

2) Regular nail clipping: believe it or not, if nails are kept short and clean, they won’t pick up quite as much dirt, dander, mites or other things while outside. This is much healthier for your pet as well, and helps keep their paws from getting any infections, fungus, etc.

3) The Towel Trick: right after your pet comes in, throw a towel over them like you’re drying them off after a bath. This helps grab any loose ‘stuff’ (dander, hair, grass, etc) that might fall off as they roam around your house. Then wash the towel in hot water to eliminate any bacteria that might have been picked up. This helps reduce the amount of bathing and grooming as well, since a lot of those outdoor ‘particles’ won’t have a chance to get worked down into their coats.

4) Pet air purifiers: having an indoor pet makes having an air cleaner very important for maintaining clean, allergen-free air, but far more so when you have an indoor-outdoor dog or cat. If you don’t have an air purifier, consider getting a quality unit with HEPA and carbon filters. You might consider getting a couple of units if you have allergies or multiple pets and might want to keep one running by the pet door so that a lot of the hair and dust they bring in or release when they shake will get picked up by the air purifier before it can circulate to the rest of the house.

I hope this helps those with indoor-outdoor pets to keep their homes cleaner, healthier, as well as more allergy and odor free. If anyone has any questions, please feel free to contact me at the author box below.

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