The Dog Urn That Grew A Dogwood Tree

Ideally, I think each beloved family dog should have a place to be laid to rest, where the family could visit and remember the life of their beloved pet. All too often, family dogs are put down, or cremated, and an urn is not used, so no physical memorial is left for the family to be left with. This can sometimes leave one with a feeling of disconnect, especially if they did not get to say goodbye. (This actually happened to me when I was away at college). While part of the following story is fictional, it is true that there is a dog urn that grows trees.

In this short story, I will attempt to describe how using a dog urn that grows trees can be the perfect way to commemorate the life of your beloved pet. Read the next paragraph, and then compare the different endings to appreciate the special value of a dog urn that grew a Dogwood tree.

Once upon a time, in a land called Child Hood, there was a dog so small, that, as a puppy, you could fit it in the palm of your hand, even a child’s hand. This puppy was lucky enough to be loved by a girl who was in the first grade at school, who promptly named her new best friend “Snow White” for her white fur, of course. Snow White and the young girl were inseparable, even sleeping in the child’s bed together. The young girl was delighted with Snow White’s habit of finding the biggest rock she could find, and carrying it about the yard, dropping it at her whim, to the chagrin of the girl’s father, when he mowed the lawn. The small size of the puppy however, ended up being a factor in its early demise: it could wriggle between chain-link fence posts. So, this young girl one day as she was walking home from her school bus, was met by her father, who bore the bad news of her beloved dog’s passing, on the very road she was standing near.

Ending #1 With No Dog Urn

Snow White was subsequently buried in the field behind their property. The dog urn idea was not popular, and the dog urn that would grow a tree had yet to be invented. In less than one year, busy investors turned that field into another street filled with homes, very similar to the one the girl lived in. The girl’s father didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, when he saw the bulldozers digging up where Snow White was laid to rest. He cried for his daughter’s sake, I think.

Ending #2, With A Dog Urn That Grew A Tree

Her father decided to have Snow White cremated, and obtained a biodegradable dog urn that was designed to grow a tree of his choosing. Containing growth medium and tree seeds in the lid, this special dog urn became the resting place for the beloved pet’s cremation ashes. In a family ceremony, the father concluded with burying the dog urn in their backyard, safe from bulldozers.

As the girl grew, so did the tree, springing forth from the ashes in the dog urn, which nourished the young tree. It was a smaller tree, chosen because the dog was smaller, and because it would fit nicely in the backyard, and because it bore lots of beautiful white flowers, which would remind the family of the fond memories of their Snow White.

The new life springing forth from her beloved pet’s cremation ashes in the dog urn filled the girl with a sense of wonder and connection, and ultimately appreciation for her father for making such an endearing choice in getting a dog urn that would grow a beautiful Dogwood tree.

To her friends over the years, she would explain the tree’s origin, and in sometimes youthful struggle, she would take comfort from sitting under the beautiful tree.

As she came home on visits from college, the Dogwood tree became one of the special things that filled the young woman’s heart with warm memories of a child’s best friend.

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