How To Purchase The Best Beds For Small Dogs

Beds for Small Dogs

Ahhh… little dogs, so cute, so cuddly, and yet need something to cuddle into besides you at night? Have no fear; our beds for small dogs are here! Dogs in general like to have a place and a space of their own. A place where they can go to, to feel safe, rest comfortably, and without interruption. Although our beloved four legged friends might be small, their needs list are still rather mighty.

Buying a Bed for a Not So Big Dog

Small dogs have needs too and though they may not be as big as large breed dogs they still exist none the less. When going to buy a smaller dog bed, there are a few main points to consider. For starters, take into consideration the breed of your dog. Does he have a single coat or double coat? Most dogs lack hair and thus lose a large percentage of body heat. For this reason, a dog bed with a heating pad or a self heating bed, might be your best option and is often a great choice for a large percentage of smaller dogs. In addition to heat loss, most small breeds like the feeling of being enclosed and/or covered. For this, a small dog bed with a tunnel is your best choice. The tunnel provides an additional burrow for the dog to hide in and curl up in. In addition to these types of beds, there are many more options to look at here are a few.


The Bolster: The bolster bed is a highly crafted pillow like throne in which is filled with cotton, fiber, down or a type of foam. The high sides ensure that the dog is safe and allows him the feeling of being burrowed in it. They are highly comfortable and fit nicely into any small space or can be placed on a bed or couch.

The Cuddle Cube: The Cuddle Cube is at cute as it sounds; plush, soft and pillowy. This small dog bed resembles a nest in which the dog can tuck away in. The cover can easily be removed with the swipe of a zipper and washed with ease.

Sofa Pet Bed with Pillow: This small dog bed is just way too cute and offers your pooch a modern and stylish way to lounge with adequate space and even a pillow!

In addition to the above, there are many other types of small dog beds for you wee, furry friend.

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