Animals And Anti-Aging: Help Your Pets Stay Younger Longer

They say we are a nation of animal lovers. Many of us are, certainly, and our pets are a major part of our family. We are all different with regards to the pets that we choose. Some people prefer cats to dogs and vice versa. Some people have smaller pets like hamsters, guinea pigs and rabbits. My family have had all of these at some point when the children were growing up.

Some families are quite happy with fish, tropical or fresh water and some prefer to have animals such as horses etc. It’s all down to our circumstances and personal preference.

It also depends on the amount of time and how much care the different animals require. Whereas cats are independent and can go out on their own, dogs require walking at regular intervals. Fish are happy to swim around in a tank and small animals generally live in a hutch. Obviously time is required in order to clean out these type of pets and they need to be fed every day.

Animals such as horses are extremely time-consuming and need a lot of looking after. They need to be visited at least once a day if living out and at least twice a day if brought in at night or kept in all the time. They need to be fed, mucked out, given hay and fresh water.

It is advisable to take all things into consideration before getting a pet of any kind.

Obviously once we have our pets we need to make sure that they are well looked after, fed a health diet and given the best of care. We also want to make sure that they stay with us for as long as possible. They don’t live as long as us unless you opt for a giant tortoise, and losing them is upsetting.

There are lots of things we can do by taking them to the vets regularly for check ups and vaccinations. Provide them with a healthy diet and exercise. Keep them and their bedding clean.

We can give them extra vitamins and supplements for healthy teeth and bones, others for keeping their joints in good working order. Animals, like us, are prone to wear and tear and arthritis, breathing problems, cancer, ulcers, diabetes and epilepsy.

Obviously a trip to the vets would normally be the first port of call but there are also many natural products around, which can be used to provide help with their health and wellness.

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