Dog Grooming – The Reasons Why Brushing By Using A Slicker Brush Is Necessary

Pet dogs are certainly not immune to skin complications and allergic reactions. In contrast to all of us humans, our pets can’t absolutely take good care of themselves. Most likely they get dirty and there are at times instances when they actually eat something they shouldn’t have.

This leaves the duty of grooming and cleaning our dogs in our hands. There are many of benefits of grooming a dog yourself but if you’re very busy and may not have enough hours for this then you could always opt to employ or perhaps just take your dog to the groomers or perhaps a dog or cat salon.

In addition to that though, I personally seriously advise puppy owners to on a regular basis brush their dog’s fur. This method basically requires a matter of minutes day-to-day and you can also plan this every 2 – 3 days if you’re a little bit busy.

Simply by using a slicker brush and brushing your dog’s fur could actually help keep them cleaner and healthy and can reveal the condition of your dog’s skin. As mentioned above pet dogs can also be susceptible to allergic reactions and also skin complications so in this article I’ll show you some skin problems your dog may develop as a result of a poor hygiene.

Allergic Dermatitis

This disease is usually because of your pet dog becoming allergic to a particular dog grooming products, food as well as the surroundings. The best way to end this issue is to steer clear of the items which your pet dog may be allergic to. Pets with this particular problem will scratch non-stop. In most instances you will come across red skin rashes on your dog’s skin.


It is a dog skin infection which might usually arise as a result of dog mange, allergic reactions or skin traumas. Pets with this particular issue will grow sores, humps, and also scabs on their skin. This condition can be noticed quite a bit easier for dogs with short fur compared to those with very long fur.


This is another infection that could be most frequently noticed in pups. This condition can result in pus-filled blisters that could possibly burst and crust over. This really is easy to spot as it typically has an affect on the part of the puppy’s entire body that’s not covered in fur like his stomach.


This is usually a fungal infection that is recognized by forming a ring like spherical spots over the dog’s entire body. Ringworm may develop on any section on the dog’s whole body but yet is frequently located on the dog’s head. This kind of skin problem can contaminate other dogs that could come near to the infected dog and so it’s safer to isolate dogs with this particular condition.

The skin conditions mentioned above is often averted by correct dog grooming and hygiene. By simply brushing your dog’s fur habitually simply by using a dog slicker brush you can also spot the condition earlier on just before the problem worsens.

I recommend daily dog grooming along with brushing your dog’s fur simply by using a slicker brush for the prevention of these kinds of illnesses. It’s going to be all worth it and your pet dog will probably be healthy and happy.

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