Animal Reincarnation and the Pet “Over Souling” Process Used in Animal Life After Death

Animal reincarnation can occur in 3 distinct and very different ways. 1. Walk-ins 2. Soul braids and last but not least 3. A new body. Many pet parents are so distraught over the death of their dog, cat, horse, finned or feathered beloved companion that they think their living pet has become the deceased pet. Why? Because it’s acting like the old pet.

“Over Soul” agreements may SEEM like a pet reincarnation but it’s NOT!
A pet being “over souled” makes you think “he acts like my old pet or husband” by displaying some recognizable characteristics. However, an “over souled” pet does not ignite that deep and certain knowing that “this IS my reincarnated pet or my old girlfriend” on an ongoing basis. With an over souled pet, you will inwardly question yourself and have some doubts. That in and of itself is a very telling answer for your heart.

Over souling occurs when a living pet agrees to take direction from a deceased animal or human. The deceased pet or human’s energy does NOT enter the living animal. If it did merge with the living pet it would be permanent and that process would be a “walk-in” or soul braid.

Merging with a living pet’s energy on an intermittent basis would make the living animal very sick. Why? Because each visit or merge into the living pet’s body would disrupt and alter the electromagnetics of the earth pet’s life force energy. Accommodating the coming and goings would make the living pet very ill or likely to have seizures. Therefore over souling is done by directives and not mini merges.

The over souling process is also a way your pet can just check in to keep in touch with you, let you know they are OK and are there for you in Spirit, in addition to seeing that everything is going the way it should be according to their heavenly perspective.

As a parent of a deceased pet, you want your beloved companion back so badly that wishful thinking on your part can create difficulty and confusion in telling whether it’s a straight reincarnation or not. A very distinct indicator that its over souling is the fact that personality traits or “acts like” the deceased pet fluctuates and is not a permanent attibute of the living animal. However, most pet parents WILL eventually determine what’s going on and know it’s not a permanent “come back” kid.

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