Chinchilla Care – Take the Right Step Forward

Now that you have a cute little Chinchilla in your home, make sure that you take good care of it. These little animals are very active and need extra attention, unlike the case of other pets like cats or dogs. Chinchilla care should begin with providing your new guest with proper accommodation. A good cage should be therefore, your topmost priority. Best thing is to go in for a cage with multiple levels, since these Chinchillas are known to jump around a lot and need ample space to play. Remember, to ensure that the cage is kept cool enough for Chinchillas hate heat. A nice, cozy bed is another thing that your little pet will need. It is always advisable that you use pine or cedar shavings as bedding, as they are a healthy option and won’t cause skin problems.

If you have a Chinchilla at home, you are bound to cuddle it. While there is nothing wrong with cuddling them, you need to be careful enough to slide your hand under their belly while doing so. No tight squeezes for they are very slender built. The next most important aspect to remember as part of the Chinchilla care routine is their food. You just need to visit your local pet food store to get the stuff. It is preferable that you talk to an experienced vet for they can help you with preparing the right menu for your beloved pet. Now that you have taken care of food, changing drinking water on a daily basis is the next most important thing to take care off. Make sure that you are sterilizing the bottle whenever you are changing water. Remember, harmful bacteria and viruses present in unclean water can wreak havoc with their health.

Hygiene is a word that you need to remember whenever you are dealing with Chinchillas. First and foremost is the upkeep of the cage. Use hot water with a little soap to keep them clean. A dust bath for a few minutes once or twice a week should also be high on your agenda, for otherwise oils can build up on the coats of your little Chinchilla. Providing ample opportunity to exercise is one more important thing that you need to remember. An exercise wheel inside the cage would make an excellent companion to your pet. These little creatures are very active animals and you can also let them out of the cage for a while daily.

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