How a Pet Owner Can Help Their Pets Recover From Arthritis

Cats and dogs may suffer from arthritis the same way as humans do. The symptoms may vary but the pain is the same. As pet owners you may need to be sensitive to notice changes in your pet. Your feline or canine friend may be suffering from arthritis without you knowing it. Animals have their own sensitivity; however they can never tell you what they are feeling. As pet owners we should be sensitive for them and it’s always beneficial to know the symptoms of different illnesses in pets.

Arthritis mostly is manifested in areas like joints, limbs, and legs. Any of these areas once damaged may lead to infection. Pet joint problems can be caused by either genetic or an accident. But commonly it is because of an accident due to activities. Whatever the cause maybe, a pet owner should be aware how to deal with it. A pet suffering from joint pain will show an extreme change in behaviour and habits.

What a pet owner should notice?

Pets have usual behaviours that only pet owners can understand. Being with your pet almost every day nobody can know them better than you do. This means that behavioural change for example in their activity will be very noticeable. If you have an active pet and suddenly they manifest laziness, something is probably wrong. The change you may see is on the way they walk, the way they run and on most days you may see them just resting.

What should a pet owner do?

If you notice changes in your dogs’ habits and their daily activities from sleeping to eating, try checking their joints. Give your pet a soft massage on leg joints, limbs and ankles as these are areas prone to arthritis and inflammation. If they cry out, then they are absolutely in pain. If this is the case, do not self medicate. Bring your pet immediately to a veterinarian to ensure proper diagnosis. Vets will know what type of medicine to give your pet with no side effects.

How a pet owner can help in the recovery?

Once your pet is treated and is under medication, it does not mean that you can relax and let the medicine takes its course. As a pet owner, you can help your dog in the recovery period. Even with medicines your pet still needs caring from you. You may still allow your pet a little exercises to keep their legs and joints moving but don’t overdo it. You can give them a soft massage on the affected area to ease the discomfort. Also, be conscious of their diet since this is very important. A sick dog or cat shouldn’t be overfed especially if under medication.

There are other ways of helping and curing arthritis in your pets. Find ways of knowing better alternatives to help your dog with their sickness and how they can recover fast the natural way by researching. Our pet is like a member of our family. The love we show them is always reciprocated by their loyalty and the happiness they give us. And staying healthy together should be one of our goals.

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