The Mixed Breed Dog or “Who’s Your Daddy?

Have you ever wondered how many breeds make up the breed of your mixed breed dog? Are your frustrated that when people ask you what kind of dog you have you are not able to answer with 100 percent accuracy or certainty? Well, there is a sure way to find out. It is the DNA in your dog, and it is a simple way to find out. The companies and costs vary. But other than knowing the truth, what are the other benefits?

First, knowing your dog’s breed will tell you a lot about your dog’s health and health issues. This will enable you to discuss likely health problems with your veterinarian and put together a plan of action.

Secondly, your dog’s breed may require a dietary adjustment. Your dog’s diet may be suitable or unsuitable for your dog’s health and energy. This too would be something on which your veterinarian could advise.

Thirdly, the DNA results could guide you with the obedience training plan for your dog. Certain breeds could respond better to certain types of training and this could save you time and money when the right plan is put in place.

Fourthly, the DNA results could explain the personality of your pet. Understanding this could help you cope with any quirky behavior you may have been wondering about.

If you watch any of the crime shows on TV you probably have seen DNA examples taken by swabbing the inner cheek of the person. Well, not surprising, the same procedure is used on dogs. You then mail in the swab and within approximately a few weeks you will get your results. You will find out the breed and traits of the parent, grandparent and even great grandparent. In addition, you will get the percent of breed represented in your dog. With some of the kits you will get an ancestry chart showing where each breed got involved. Mystery solved.

One of my friends was given a Doggy DNA kit for a Christmas present. It was with great anticipation that my friend waited for the results. Curiosity was at a high. Finally the results came and the mystery was solved. My friend poured over the report which explained some things about the behaviors. It was a great present with great results.

Sound like something you would like to try? It is quick and easy and makes for great discussion.

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