What Is the Best Pet to Have When Living in an Apartment?

Having a pet is like having a permanent stress relief tool. It is said being a pet owner reduces your blood pressure and heart rate.

When living in a small space like an apartment, you must think carefully about what is the best pet for this type of living. There are still many choices for you to pick from, even though you are obviously not going to have a Great Dane! Below we will list some pets suitable for apartment living.

  • Aquarium fish – the most popular being goldfish. Watching fish swimming around for only a few minutes a day, reduces your stress level. You could even introduce a hermit crab into the aquarium for added interest.
  • Cats – Cats are fun and lovely to cuddle up to. They love to play and are low maintenance. If you are happy to train him to use cat litter for his toilet then this could be your choice. Cats still like the outdoors and it is not uncommon nowadays for people to walk a cat on a leash.
  • Guinea Pigs, Hamsters and Mice – These pets take up very little room as they live in cages and are also great pets if you have children. The cage can contain play toys like wheels and a sandbox. One thing to note is that guinea pigs and hamsters are nocturnal animals which means they favour night to day.
  • Birds – Birds are easy maintenance as they live in cages. You have multiple choices here with size and breed from budgerigars and canaries (both small birds so you could have more than one) to parrots and parakeets. Parrots make great pets and are very social. You can teach them to talk and both of you have fun.
  • Dogs – Dogs of course vary in sizes and breeds and it not always the smaller breeds that are suitable for apartment living. Some small dogs are prone to yapping when you are away, which would not be good for close living. A pug is an excellent choice as it is a very quiet dog and needs only a little time outside, daily.
  • Exotic Pets – Snakes and geckos make excellent pets for both adults and children and only require a small space to house them.

The list above is of animals suitable to live in a small space, however if you own an apartment, it is best to check with the body corporate before purchasing one as they may have rules regulating what pets are allowed. The same applies if you are renting. Speak with the owner or real estate agent prior to bringing a pet into the apartment.

Whatever your choice, love your pet and he will be your best friend for life.

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