Pet Salon Air Cleaner – 5 Airborne Pollutants It Must Eliminate

If your pet salon smells bad, you are probably not going to get a chance to explain why an owner should trust their pet to you. Using an air cleaner that can keep the air smelling fresh all the time is the most reliable way to insure that the air always smells fresh. Opt for a cleaner that can remove the following 5 pollutants.

Odor—Few things are more off-putting than a pet salon that smells bad. Fresh air clears the way to discuss other details about their pets’ care.

If the smell is awful, there is less than a 50% chance that even if they come in, they will trust their beloved pooch to you.

The only reliable way to insure that your shop smells wonderful all the time is to use effective filtration. Carbon is renown for its effectiveness at absorbing gases, odors, and airborne chemicals. Carbon zeolite is at the head of the line because of its proven effectiveness.

Urine Odor—As effective as carbon is at removing gaseous pollutants it needs help when there is urine involved. Ammonia is the smell that is most offensive and can cause eyes to burn and water. This smell is awful to have to endure for any amount of time, much less all the time.

Even carbon needs help removing ammonia from the air. Enhancing the carbon’s effectiveness with an additive is a must. A filter that lacks this extra boost to the carbon is likely to be less effective at really making a difference in the air

Dander—Even though this small flakes of dead skin are invisible, having so many warm-blooded creatures in your care can send the dander count up exponentially in a very little while.

That can cause clients to start to sneeze, cough, become congested and have their throats start to close. And even though they have pets at home, they don’t have the numbers that your salon may have.

In order to be able to remove these microscopic particles means that the cleaner should have a HEPA filter. This high efficiency particle arresting filter is able to remove airborne particles that are as small as.3 microns.

This will make the air cleaner for not only the owners who bring their pets to you, but for you, and for your staff as well. And being able to keep good staff means you are more likely to be able to offer top-notch service.

Hair—Warm-blooded pets and hair go together like a hand and glove. Any hair that you can remove will generally take other smaller pollutants with it.

And since the microscopic dander often sticks to larger particles such as hair, eliminating it from the air also eliminates it as well.

Normal Indoor Pollutants—The filters in an effective air purifier won’t care about the source of pollutants. So based on the size of the filters, not only will they eliminate airborne particles and gases that result because of animals, but they will also trap more normal indoor pollutants.

Dust, dust mites, mold and mildew spores, and airborne bacteria and viruses can be trapped by the right combination of carbon and particle filters. And removing these pollutants is just as important and necessary for good air quality as the pet-related ones.

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