The Archangel’s Message

“It turns out that God gave His Kingdom to the parakeets, the deer, the bear, the horses and the skunks, to all His other critters and creations; oceans and streams, trees and flowers, mountains and meadows; rain, wind, lightning, hail and thunder, to all things of His creation but not to the people,” the archangel said.

“Why?” asked the littlest angel. “He created them too. God always said He would give everything to the people.”

The archangel said to the littlest angel: “It turned out the only thing people did was argue and complain, demand and disagree, have wars and kill each other or commit suicide, steal and deceive, blow up everything. People destroyed God’s creation,” said the archangel.

“Why was that so?” asked the littlest angel.

“Because people had personal agendas. Some wanted power and to control; some wanted riches and fame. People out-did each other trying to be like God, without noticing God’s characteristics.” The archangel stooped down, caressing the meadow flowers.

“How could the people ignore God’s humility and love, kindness and sharing, giving and caring, peace and joy, bliss and patience, truth and wisdom?”The littlest angel wondered. He lowered his right wing. His left wing dropped behind it as he scratched his head.

“The people developed their own concepts of what was important,” the archangel said. “There were different factions and beliefs in education and government, and religion. One day the people got so angry with each other that they went completely mad and blew up everything with a nuclear bomb, never realizing they were blowing up themselves too. Then God remade the earth into another Garden of Eden,” the archangel said. “Bees hummed and birds flourished, but there were no more people. There were no more carnivores, no more need for money, or agendas. It was paradise,” said the archangel. “God walked around the earth, enjoying His creation. God sat down beside a lazy stream that summer, dipped His right hand into the water, and raised it high into the sky.”

“Now there is peace on earth,” God said. “Good will to them.”

This poem has not happened yet, but it could be the way God creates peace–without us… In this article I honor the animals I have either had or observed. I am Cherokee-Blackfoot Indian in part. I hope this never happens to the earth, but it could happen if we don’t get our act together NOW.

In the rest of my article I honor the animals I have observed or known and loved. They are poems about the earth.


There are not any bad animals. God made them perfect as they are. Some work hard all day long. Some work under the stars. Buzzards contentedly eat vermin. Beavers enthusiastically make dams. Coyotes sing the saddest songs when they can’t find or catch a lamb. Lambs happily eat grasses. Bark beetles live off the trees. Bees pollinate the vegetation, eating all the nectars they please. There are many strands to the web of life. In importance they’re all the same. The earth like a harp is perfectly tuned to bring glory to God’s name.

I mentioned the coyotes wanting lamb. In the original Garden of Eden I don’t believe that the animals were carnivores. Mankind caused violence to come into being when God gave Adam and Eve animal skins to cover their bodies.


I am your cat. I turn my back to you. You do not own me though I sleep on your bed. I choose cozy, comfortable spots to be in. I don’t care what you think of me. I’ll decide when I want to eat your food. You cannot make me come to your call unless I want to. I love you inspite of what you may think, but I am a free Spirit and I always will be.

This has been my experience with cats; however, I’ve had dogs too. One of my dogs was called “Snooky.”


I have a dog named Snooky whose as dark as chocolate cake, with a goatee, and four stocking feet ruffed up like coconut flake. His bright eyes, edged in black, shine as only God or a Mom could do, with one plump, black olive nose cold as soft ice, when he kisses you. His brows shake like fuzzy commas, shaggy, small and fine. With more mischief than you could guess. He is a friend of mine.


Cats eat cat food every day, dreaming of a mouse souffle. Black green eyes that slink and prowl; through the house cats hiss and yowl; leap upon the high mantle, calling out their quick prattle. When they gouge out their small fleas, they act like insane banshees, licking their paws after meals; no one knows just how cats feel. Sitting on important things; that’s where cats will take their flings. Then to armchairs, soft and deep; crouching down, they fall asleep.


Dear little web-building spider, God made you to be a great weaver. You listen to God. You are aware of His presence. Even though you cannot see well, you build your home with many threads. You are creative. You travel with God up canyons, through meadow grasses, up tree limbs, along the sides of huge rocks and boulders. God created you, Little Spider, to weave your web for His glory. You live alone, but you are never lonely. You know God is always with you. With a gentle whisper, He blows your web around. You smile at God. You realize God loves you. Are you not one of His meek-ones? And didn’t Jesus say the meek-ones will inherit the earth FOREVER?


I tried to stay on the path. The wild flowers enticed me. I laughed and chased butterflies, became entangled by a spider’s web. Behind a thicket I rested over-looking a cascading waterfall. There are some people who would have killed the deer, but I only stared. I saw his magnificence.


You draw such colorful designs; like people do within themselves in dark secrecy. I wonder what you think about. How could you know what beauty is? Did you see it on the ground or find it in the air?


God has not forgotten you, Mighty Horse. At one time you ran through canyons, and green meadows never before seen by man. You were as free as the icy waters that come from snow-capped mountains. Free to go anywhere you wanted. You tossed your head with defiance. Your mane shimmered with magnificence. Like a king you stood, hidden away in a dream-like world of sweet, fragrant grasses. God allowed man to rule over you. But He never allowed man to tame your spirit. It remains proud and free. Even though you are a servant to man now, you show great strength. You retain the noble spirit-soul of a Warrior King.

If you want to help this planet keep its beauty, feed the wild critters, buy bird seed just because you want to hear bird’s singing happily in your backyard like in the wilds. If you want to be happy, don’t forget your heritage. We are also part of the Web of Life. It is my hope that all of us will make it through the challenges which are coming. Teach your children to be self-sufficient, and remember to leave water for the wildlife around you, for these will cause you to smile and laugh and teach you many things.

One day you may be forced to raise a garden. Plant fruit trees to survive. It’s good to protect yourself from the prices of food in the grocery store. It’s good to be self-sufficient. It’s good to get away from the TV and feed the birds.

Happiness is a by-product of living right.

Janet Marie Bingham

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