Caring For Your Pet: Hiring Pet Groomers Vs Doing It Yourself

If you have pets, you know they can be treasured members of your family. Many people love their animals just like their own children and want the absolute best for them and this includes grooming. If you’re not sure why pets need grooming and whether you should attempt this yourself or hire a groomer for your animal, here’s a quick guide.

Why Pets Need Grooming

Although many animals do groom themselves, there comes a time where they need a little help. Grooming is more than just a bath, oftentimes it can include things like nail trims, getting rid of severely matted hair, conditioning the hair, anal gland expressing, ear cleaning and eye cleaning.

This is also a time to inspect for fleas and ticks and treat if necessary. There are a number of ways to eliminate fleas and ticks, including oral medications and topical medications that can get rid of fleas and ticks quickly and so they don’t return.

Can You Do It Yourself?

It’s certainly possible to groom your own animals, but this definitely depends on what you need done and your skill level. Some animals tolerate grooming more than others so owners may feel comfortable giving their pets baths and trimming their nails. If you are going to attempt to bathe your own animal and trim its nails, make sure you use a shampoo and nail trimmer that’s specifically designed for pets. Shampoos and nail trimmers for humans could actually harm your furry friend.

When To Hire Pet Groomers

If you have an animal with a specific standard breed hairstyle, it’s a great idea to hire pet groomers. A professional groomer will have the knowledge and skills necessary to help your pets look their best, whether you have a poodle, a terrier or anything in between.

It’s important to realize that animals may not understand what’s going on when they’re being groomed and even mildly tempered animals can become unruly during the process. If your animal reacts negatively during any part of the grooming process, a professional groomer will know what to do to help ensure the safety of both the groomer and your animal. This can include using a special grooming table with a leash to keep your pet’s head in place while it is being groomed. While this might look strange and harmful at first, this leash does not hurt and can keep your animal from biting the groomer, as well as ensure the pet’s head stays in one spot during the haircut.

What To Look For In Pet Groomers

Once you’ve decided to hire someone, you need to find a groomer! Ask to see photos of other pets that he or she has worked on and ask if they have any experience with your breed of animal. Also ask if there are any services they do not provide and how they approach an unruly animal. While many pet groomers only work with dogs, some will bathe and groom cats as well, so make sure you ask before bringing in your kitty cat for care.

It’s important to keep your animal looking his or her best, and for many this includes regular grooming. Before you attempt this yourself, consider hiring the services of professional pet groomers to eliminate stress for you — and your pet.

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