Finding a Great Herding Dog to Train

Having a farm, with lots of animals is such a great luxury to many people. But when you have that herd of any animals, such as sheep, cows or other herds, you will need that special herding dog to keep them together and in the right place. When it comes to picking a perfect one, there are a few things you need to look for, in training it.

One good trait to look for, when wanting the right herding dog to train, is a good blood line. A good blood line in it is always a huge plus. It’s a plus with any kind of dog you need to train for special jobs. Having it in their blood will make for an easier job, because it is in their genes to already know what to do. Being bred by two great blood lines will make for a very precise, yet hard working herding dog.

The next thing to look for, would be their energy. Any herding dog with lots of energy will be a great dog to teach. They will be eager and ready to go. These dogs also will have that “wanting to please” kind of attitude, if they are ready for the job. You don’t want a dog that seems to be lazy and not interested. You will know in an instant the type of energy the dog will have, when you first lay eyes on him.

The are a few types of these dogs out there, but you may want to stick to one type. One type of these dogs are Australian shepherds. These amazing creatures have been working the livestock and herds for over a century. Training these dogs can be a easier job, with these very loyal herding dogs. If you want a hard working dog that is quite easy to train and will protect u at home, Australian shepherds are a perfect choice.

One of the best training herding dog would the border collie. Border Collies have been known to be considered the best sheep herding dog in the world. They have have also been known to be called “scotch sheep dogs”. They originated from the orders of Scotland and England, and they are descendants of dogs that were used by the vikings, many years ago, to herd reindeer. Border Collie are some of the most energized, among these dogs. That is why they make such great herders. They sometimes prefer to work independently.

There have been many different. types of these dogs, but these are a couple of the best ones to choose, when you are looking for training these dogs. Just remember to pick the one that you think would be a great addition to your animal family, as well as your family at home. Energy is always a great thing to look for in a herding dog and will allow the dog to get your pasture in order in no time. Whether you pick a Collie, Shepherd, or another great herding dog, just remember to take your time and he will come to you.

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