Custom Pet Urns: Creating a Unique Memorial on a Budget

When your beloved family pet passes away, the loss that your family feels is very real. It’s natural to want to do something to remember the love that you had for the family dog or cat. Some people may choose a traditional burial, but more often, families choose to have their pets cremated. Veterinary hospitals will gladly help make the arrangements and then you’ll get a tin delivered with your beloved pet’s cremains. But what do you do with the cremains after that point?

Custom pet urns are a great way to memorialize your pet in a way that’s unique and special to your family, but you might feel as though you don’t have the money to spend on a custom memorial for your pet. Here are several helpful tips that will make buying custom pet urns an affordable option.

Have an existing urn customized. One of the ways that you can save money, but still get a unique memorial for your pet, is to have an existing urn customized. Metal urns can easily have a photo of your beloved pet attached to the front of the urn, along with an inscription of your choosing. Metal urns are relatively affordable and turning them into beautiful custom pet urns is simple.

Pick a more cost effective material. Some urn material is simply more expensive than others. By avoiding materials such as stone or wood, and sticking to a more simplistic design, you’ll find that custom pet urns aren’t as expensive as you think. Ceramics and some types of metal are more affordable and you can design a beautiful urn for your family pet without breaking the bank.

Make an urn as a family. This requires a little bit of crafty skill with ceramics (or metal working or glassblowing, if you’re a really artsy family), but custom pet urns made with love by members of the family will serve as a beautiful reminder of how much you all cared for your family pet. You will need to find a local art space with a kiln and glazes and such, but it can turn out to be an activity that brings the family together as you celebrate the love you all had for the family cat or dog.

There’s no rule that says buying custom pet urns needs to be expensive or break the bank. You can honor your pet’s life and still save money in the process.

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