How To Tell If Your Pet Is Happy

This week we’re going to be looking at how you can tell if your pet is happy! Cat or Dog, Horse or Fish, we’ll be telling you the tell tale signs of a healthy, happy pet that is loving life.

You can tell if you’ve got a perky pup if their eyes are bright, their tales are high and wagging and their ears are swivelling. Sleep plays a big part in whether or not your dog is happy, if they are getting 8 to 10 hours sleep a night then they should have a good amount of energy for the day, however if your dog is sleeping through the day this could mean they’re bored or even lonely. A sure sign that your dog loves you is how happy they are when you get home, if their tales are wagging and they can’t wait to greet you and sniff you to see where you’ve been then you’ve got one cheery chum.

A happy cat is possibly the best company you can have. You can tell quite easily if you’ve got a cheery cat. If their tail is raised straight up in the air it means its feeling upbeat. If your cat is excited to see you then his head will be pointing forward, this is their special way of saying hello to you! If your cat rubs his head on your hand then he really wants you to give him some fuss. And if your kitty is feeling really jolly they may even head butt you! Another way to tell if moggy is feeling high spirited is if they vocalize their happiness. Cats can be very independent but when they’re happy they become really sociable. If your cat has had a great day or they want to tell you how much they love you they’ll tell you all about it by meowing and purring.

Rabbits also like to show you when they’re feeling cheerful and they do this by doing what is known as a ‘binky’. You may have noticed your rabbit suddenly jumping up in the air and twisting its head and body in opposite directions, that’s a binky, and a binky means that your rabbit is overjoyed! Another way your rabbit likes to show you he cares if by grooming you, if your rabbit is licking you it means that it feels comfortable around you and considers you part of their little bunny family. You know the little nose wiggle your rabbit does? That means its excited! A slower nose wiggle means your rabbit is calm and chilled out.

A happy horse will respect its owner as a ‘herd leader’ by not invading your personal space. Other signs include being responsive and calm, having a lowered head, soft eyes and a relaxed jaw. A horse will also yawn around you if they are relaxed and peaceful.

If you have a reptile like a lizard it might be hard to judge whether or not its happy. However if your reptile is comfortable enough to fall asleep on or near you it means that its contented and appeased. Similarly with fish, it may be difficult to determine your emotions, but if your fish is swimming actively through the tank and not just laying at the bottom or near plants then your fish is having a gay old time.

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