How You Can Make Sure That Your Cats and Dogs Get Along

You want to get some new pets for your home. That’s all right and is a really good idea, although you do have a little bit of concern. You’d like to get a cat and a dog as pets and you are not sure if the two can actually get along. Having had no previous experience taking care of both at the same time, you are a little worried that you’re going to have some problems in having each co-exist with the other peacefully. And you really can’t choose between the two, because you want to have both this time. So you’re faced with a bit of a dilemma.

What you need right now is to find some information – even a few useful tips – about how you can make sure that your pet cat and dog could get along well, or at least in an acceptable manner. The following tips could probably be of some help in making sure that you won’t have too much of a problem with how your two preferred pets get along. Maybe at the start there would be some friction or tense moments, but with the help of these tips, it could hopefully be minimized or solved immediately.

  • First thing you need to remember is that you can’t rush things. It just won’t do to force them to get along immediately, especially since a cat and a dog is not really known to be that close naturally. Take things slowly, and you’ll eventually see things progress to a point that you’ll find more than just acceptable. Animals can’t just instantly like each other; they need the time to actually even get used to each other’s presence. Forcing them to get close at once would probably only result in fights or stress them out.
  • You have to know that a cat will only attack a dog if it is backed into a corner and has no other way out other than to directly attack the dog. So, it would be best that you provide your cat with a place where it cannot be accessed by the dog, so as to avoid any early and unnecessary confrontation between the two. If that happens then it could only serve to delay the process of getting them to at least tolerate each other without any incident.
  • Remember to always praise your dog for any good or friendly behavior that it displays towards your cat. That way, your dog will gradually associate any pleasant feeling or event with the presence of your cat. You could reward your dog with a treat whenever your cat is around, and even if at the beginning your dog barks at your cat, it will eventually be used to pleasant things when your cat is around.
  • Before allowing your cat and dog to be physically close to each other, you have to fist be sure that each of then is relaxed and calm. Do this by holding your cat in your arms until it is finally relaxed, before letting your dog come into the room or get anywhere near.

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