Thank You Tessy

She is lovely,
a spark of warmth, for both of us,
when children are away with their families;
without her,
life is listless, bland,
in our lonely old age.

We both have talked and shared,
every topic under the Sun,
keep looking at each other,
‘in vacant or in pensive mood’,
indulge in cosmetic conversation:
administrative hassles, weather,
and struggle to find interesting news,
in search of a topic,
to talk with each other,
and end up, watching,
TV sops,
till the eye-lids drop down.

Every discussion, at home, or in social circles,
often invites, some old,
not yet forgotten ‘hurts’,
given by each other, a few decades ago,
and the pleasant ambience,
turns to an embarrassing moment to the host,
and we come back,
with some ‘cooked up’ urgent commitment.

She welcomes us, with open arms,
no questions asked,
no justification needed,
her love is unconditional,
there are no disagreements,
and no discussions,
thus there is no need, to agree to disagree,
to ensure peace in the house.

She welcomes,
standing on her rear legs,
almost clapping with fore legs.

Her warmth, enthusiasm,
is contagious;
my wife hugs her,
and I shower my affection.

We both and Tessy play with her toy,
the usual throw, run, bring back and hand over.

She has added another variation to it,
she brings back the toy, refuses to hand over,
there is tug of war, before she gives in.

She insists on eating biscuits,
in our lap only;
for it is her right,
to enjoy the warmth of her parents,
i.e. we both.

I too enjoy watching her,
wriggling like a reptile in my feet.

I take her for morning and evening walks,
she waits patiently,
gets restless at the hour,
and enjoys her walk;
her enjoyment is contagious,
I get, paid back, by my happiness.

She has done her job,
instilled warm emotions,
in two cold, dispassionate oldies,
who have misplaced their oasis of:
warmth, enthusiasm, spontaneous laughter,
hugging each other and romance in looking at each other,
in the drudgery of life,
the desert of:
ego, disagreements, intolerance, inability to forget the past hurts,
and other unproductive memories;
if only God could bless us,
with a short memory like that of Tessy.

With thanks to Tessy,
we go to our respective bed rooms,
and try to sleep,
as early as possible;
praying to God,
for His blessings to bring,
enthusiasm and warmth back in our lives.

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