Caring For Your Pets Joints

Joint pain and arthritis in pets is common and can be really painful, especially in dogs. It is caused by pets ageing, diet and lifestyle but it can also be genetic. The result is erosion of cartilage, severe pain and restricted movement for your pet. However joint problems can be easily avoided or helped with a little extra care. We have put together a list to help you understand your pets condition and how you can treat it.

· It is important to make sure your pet has somewhere comfortable to sleep. A bed that is supportive but cosy is what you want. Anything too soft and cushy will mean your pet will have trouble getting out of it. This tweed bed offers the perfect combination of comfort and support.

· Keeping your pet warm is a great way to make sure his bones are in tip top condition. You can keep their bed nice and warm with a self heating pad that will ensure your pet is snug and his joints aren’t stiff.

· Making sure your dog is eating the right food and getting a nutritious and balanced diet is essential to keeping his joints healthy. This Barking Heads dry dog food is packed full of protein, fats and ”joint care extra”. Even if your dog has arthritis he can still enjoy yummy treats! Pedigree Joint Care treats contains omega 3 and glucosamine and feeding them one a day should help to relieve the stiffness of your dogs joints. Feeding your pet several small meals per day instead of one large meal will also help with joint care.

· Giving your dogs joints a gentle, firm massage can help to take the pain away from achey bones and alleviate swelling. A five minute massage everyday with a joint rubbing ointment can really help. Radiol Bone Embrocation is a maximum strength fluid that you can use to rub into your pets stiff joints.

· Some light exercise is great to keep your pets bones healthy. Too much exercise or not enough can make your pets joints stiff and painful. PetShopBowl has a great selection of dog toys and cat toys to keep your pet active so take some time out to play with them.

· You can support your pets joint health by giving them regular supplements that will make their mobility easier. Royal Canin mobility supplements can be put straight into your pets food.

We hope you have found these tips useful and you are able to help put a spring back in your pets step.

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