Skin Problems in Your Pets

Your pet’s skin acts as a protective barrier and is also the largest organ of its body. Healthy skin is vital to your pet’s overall well-being. Being in contact with so many external factors the skin can develop problems that, if left untreated, can become detrimental to your pet’s health. If your pet has a problem it is likely to feel constantly itchy and will want to scratch and lick itself to try and relieve the discomfort, in the process aggravating the skin problem further. It can be a difficult cycle to break and so it is important to treat not just the external symptoms of a skin problem but also the underlying cause.

Common problems in pets include allergic dermatitis, mange, ringworm and parasites. A skin problem could be an indication that your pet’s diet is lacking in something essential. If you have any doubt as to the underlying cause of a skin problem, always take your pet to a vet.

Allergic dermatitis can be caused by the inhalation of allergens, direct contact with allergens or even from the ingestion of allergens. It can therefore be difficult to determine the exact underlying cause. Your pet will scratch and lick itself constantly and fur loss may occur as a result. Mange is most usually caused by an infestation of mites that burrow into the skin and cause itching. You pet will want to scratch itself constantly and you may notice a strong odour.

Ringworm is a contagious skin problem cause by a fungus and you may notice inflamed and scaly, balding areas on your pet’s. Fleas and ticks can also cause major problems if left untreated.

Your vet will be able to determine the underlying cause of the infection and may prescribe medication to help but there also measures that you can take yourself to prevent the occurrence of problems and to treat them. Regular bathing and grooming will ensure that your pet is parasite-free and will also bring to your attention any skin problems. Keeping your pet’s environment clean will minimize its exposure to possible allergens. Feeding your pet a diet rich in omega oils will ensure that its skin is kept in a healthy condition. Finally there are a number of natural remedies that can be used to treat specific skin problems and keep your pet’s skin healthy.

Be sure to consult with your vet before you carry out any treatments.

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