Holiday Safety Tips for Your Pets

Now that the holidays are upon us, it is definitely time to bring out all that Yuletide cheer. Christmas wouldn’t be complete without putting up the tree, adorning our homes with all sorts if ornaments, wrapping up and exchanging presents, and preparing a scrumptious feast. But what would Christmas be without being surrounded by our beloved friends and family? And yes, that includes the four legged kind.

It may be easy to get carried away with all the holiday festivities, including our furry friends in the exuberance of Christmas time, but it is also an important reminder that this season may also pose a lot of threats as well as excitement for them. It is necessary to take all the necessary precautions to keep our pets safe and steer them away from any potential dangers.

The following are a few things we should keep an eye on this joyful season:

Christmas Tree

The sight of this magnificent symbol of Christmas may cause your curios pets to get a little too excited. Dogs may play or burrow underneath, while cats may climb up. Make sure it is properly anchored so it won’t topple over and hurt your pets.

Make sure your tree water won’t spill or is out of reach of your pets. This may contain fertilizers or bacteria that may cause them to get ill.

Ornaments and Tinsel

Pets may see your ornaments, ribbons, and tinsel as sparkly new toys so it is important to keep it out of their reach. Ingestion may cause poisoning, vomiting, or obstruction. Severe cases may even lead to surgery.

It is also a good idea to not have ornaments that break easily or if you have ones, to keep them at a safe distance or height. Shards of broken decorations may be eaten or stepped on by your pets causing injury.

Christmas Foliage

While Mistletoe, Holly and Poinsettias may look lovely, they may be very poisonous to your pet. When ingested they may cause a variety of illnesses form vomiting and diarrhea to more serious conditions such as cardiovascular disease and kidney failure.

Opt for artificial versions made out of plastic or silk which can be reused again next year. Just make sure to still practice caution and keep them at a safe distance.

Holiday Lights

Pets love to play or even chew on wires. During the holidays, they may be abundant so it is very important to hide them or keep them away from your pets. They get choked, burned or worse, fatally electrocuted.

Candles may pose another threat as they may get knocked over by your pets when they are playing. Never leave your burning candles unattended as they may cause burns or even fires.

Christmas Banquet

It may be hard to resist your dog’s begging or your cat’s rubbing against your legs when at the dinner table, so it is a good idea to set aside safe, healthy treats of their own for them to chow down as you feast on your own food.

By this time you know the measures your pets would take to have a bite of whatever you’re having. Store heavily spiced food, chocolate dessert and other food that are bad for your pet at a safe distance.

Pets are part of the family, so we must ensure that Christmas is a safe and enjoyable time for them as well. Keeping them away from harm will give them a truly happy holiday season.

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