Pet Abandonment In the UK

Pets being abandoned is a problem on the rise and is one in need of a resolution to stop poor defenceless animals bearing the brunt of our recession hit society.

Animal charity, the RSPCA has reported over 100 pets are abandoned each day and in 40,500 pets were found abandoned. A figure so high is a startling one especially when you take into accounts all of the other animal charities who are faced with animal abandonments every day such as the PDSA, Dogs Trust. There are ways to get around the financial strain of having a pet with some authorities offering help to those who need it. Animal charity PDSA has been offering financial support for vets bills which is something costing a loyal pet owner thousands in some case. These high costs could easily be covered by a reasonable pet insurance policy which is likely to save the costs if needed.

Vets bills and food bills are some of the biggest costs when it comes to looking after a pet and they are generally overlooked when people decide to get a pet. Most pets require annual vaccination and with animals such as dogs living to be 14 years old costs can easily top £700. A national daily newspaper stated the cost for a having a dog for their entire lifetime would cost on average £9,844 and only £400 less for a cat. For more specialist pets these costs could rapidly increase as some will require specialist care and food.

Charities are struggling to cope with the increased demand placed on them as abandonment rates increase. On the lighter sides most of these pets are being rehomed and fortunately to a good home as well. There is an importance placed around finding the right home so the pet is not once again left abandoned which on its own is a traumatic experience. Good homes are the ones which can generally offer a security of care, food and exercise. All of these are vital when it comes to looking after pets and theses needs are often overlooked, leading to the abandonment in the first place.

Dogs are the most common animal to be abandoned and the only reason for this is they require more attention than other animals such as cats. If you are considering adopting some sort of pet then it is high recommended you take into account how having a pet could influence day-to-day life because they will make a huge difference. In addition to this deciding on the right pet to have is very important because young children could easily cause problems for pets and vice versa.

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