What Your Choice of Pet Can Tell About You

If you’re a pet owner than you’ve definitely been characterized as either one of the two: a dog person or a cat person. The topic of whether people prefer dogs more than cats or vice versa has become a recent craze in research. Surprisingly, studies show that aside from your obvious inclination to either one of these animals, your choice of a four-legged furry friend says a lot about your personality.

Research show that people who see themselves as dog people are more outgoing, conscientious and overall, more extroverted. Proclaimed cat people are said to be more introverted than their dog-loving counterparts but more adventurous and creative. However, feline lovers are more likely to get anxious or neurotic.

It’s also said that people tend to select pets based on what animals they grew up with. On a more practical level, people with larger homes or with children who want to play outside, usually decide on a larger dog like Golden Retrievers or Labradors. Seniors, single people and persons living in apartments gravitate toward more low-maintenance pets such as smaller breed dogs or cats.

Statistics have also found a bunch of rather trivial facts about cat and dog people. Turns out 21% of cat people find ironic puns more humorous than the slapstick humor and impressions that 30% of dog people enjoy. Pet owners of the voting population will be surprised to find that pet preference may indicate how you vote. Surveys show that 33% of Republicans were dog lovers while 28% of cat owners were Democrats.

Research agrees with the stereotypical image of men loving dogs and women being more partial to felines as studies show a majority of men being dog people. However, a couple of men have been known to not exactly fit the mold, as a number of famous male personalities such as Ernest Hemingway and William Churchill, were well-known cat lovers.

Cat and dog people aren’t polar opposites. They both share a common love of the outdoors and have a positive outlook in life. Both animal lovers also have a knack for talking to their animals and sometimes treating them a lot like humans. The same is said of those who call it unnecessary to choose between the two. The “bi-petual” are more commonly females living in the suburban area.

Whether you’re a canine lover, feline enthusiast or a combination of both, it’s wonderful to know that our choice furry companion can say a lot about pet owners.

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