Hamster Toys Can Be Inexpensive

To begin with, it is important to realize that your dwarf hamster (or your Syrian hamster, for that matter) is a curious fellow and needs toys for stimulation. Providing hamster toys is one important part of being a good hamster owner. A second and very important reason to provide your hamster with toys is to give your hamster materials to gnaw on so that he can keep its teeth trimmed. You can certainly buy toys at your local pet store, but they are just as easy – and lots of fun – to make. Hamster toys can be made out of three primary materials: cardboard, wood, and plastic case

The easiest toys the simplest toys can come from your house hold refuse. Paper towel rolls, toilet paper rolls, and empty rolls from wrapping paper make great hamster tunnels. You can go one step further and cut out a few holes on the side of the rolls to give your hamster another way to enter and exit. You can use cardboard egg cartons in a similar way to make fun hamster toys. Cut out the bottom portions where the individual eggs are placed and then set that side upside down inside your hamster’s cage. Watch as he burrows underneath the carton and pokes his head through the opening. Put some holes in the other side of the carton, and turn that upside down as well. You could also cut holes in any small cardboard box – for example, a use tissue box, or other small gift boxes.

Wooden toys can be simple or complex. They can be as simple as getting a few branches from a fruit tree and putting them inside your hamsters cage leaned against the sides if they are thick enough and your hamster may try to climb up them. For sure, these make great chew toys. You could also strip some of these non-poisonous branches of their leaves, and weaves them into spheres or tubes or other shapes. You could also go to your local hobby store and purchased some un-finished wood blocks or shapes. Using a drill with a special wide-bore attachment, you can create all sorts of interesting shapes.

When you finish with a bottle of water, don’t throw the bottle away! Instead cut off the top and the bottom, and you now have a perfectly useful hamster tunnel. If your child has a plastic toy that breaks, look at it to see if it might make a suitable hamster toy.

Visit your pet shop and look at the various toys that are sold there to get ideas of things that you could constructed home with discarded materials. Your imagination is all that limits you! Just be sure that any material you use is unpainted, free from glue, and non-toxic.

Your hamster will appreciate the stimulation and will be happy that they have plenty of objects to keep its teeth short.

With a little bit of creativity, a pair of scissors, and perhaps a household drill, your pet hamster can have the best toys.

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