Taking Care Of Your Pet Is Vital To Their Health

If you want a long and happy relationship with your pet, you must be prepared to provide the animal with more than just food, water and a pat on the head. Important as those elements are, taking care of your pet is vital to their health and there are many levels of pet care. Follow these guidelines for total pet health so you and your pet will enjoy a healthy relationship for many years to come.

Pet Dental Care

Brushing your pet’s teeth is as important as brushing your own. Good oral hygiene for dogs, cats and other pets prevents tartar buildup and periodontal disease, either of which can lead to a variety of health problems. The key to healthy teeth and gums is to start when the animal is young and be consistent with the pet dental care routine throughout the animal’s life.

Pet Ear Care

Pets, especially dogs and cats, are prone to ear infection and ear mites. Both afflictions are treatable and steps can be taken to cut down on the number of times your pet suffers with these types of ear problems. The best pet ear care an owner can provide is to keep your pet’s ears clean and dry, and give the ears a quick inspection during daily grooming sessions. If your pet is frequently shaking his head side to side, scratching an ear or attempting to rub an ear on the floor, those are signs of an ear issue that needs checked out.

Pet Eye Care

Redness, matting, watery eyes or swelling around the eyes indicates your pet has a problem with one or both of their eyes. It could be a minor irritation or something more problematic. Prevent small eye issues from becoming chronic by providing your animal with pet eye care. Inspect eyes daily, keep surrounding fur clean and dry and provide protection and treatment when needed.

Pet Coat Care

The type of coat your pet has will determine the type of pet coat care required to maintain a healthy coat and skin. Daily brushing or combing with an occasional bathing will keep most pet coats shiny and healthy. Hair cuts for long haired animal breeds will make daily coat maintenance easier and applying sun screen to pets with thin to no hair will prevent sunburn to the animal’s skin.

These are just a few tips to help create a long lasting healthy relationship between you and your furry friends. If you notice severe problems with your pets, always call your veterinarian to get the issue diagnosed and taken care of right away. By doing as described above, your pet will be much happier in life!

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