How Much Is That Silkie Chicken in the Window?

Are you considering adding “silkie” chickens to your family? Perhaps you know someone who would be thrilled to receive a few fluffy friends? With the resurgence of the backyard chicken coop in both rural and suburban settings, consumers have some options when it comes to chicken breeds and prices. Please keep in mind that the chicken breed as well as the specific breeder you settle on will have a far reaching impact beyond your wallet. Working with a reputable breeder greatly increases your chances of having healthy chickens. It is also important to remember that a high price does not necessarily mean high quality.

First of all, it is important to determine what breed of chicken is right for you (or the lucky gift receiver!). Different breeds command different prices. They also have different traits and ideal environments. Silkie chickens are typically always a safe bet because they are docile, meaning they are excellent pets for just about everyone including chicken novices and children. Their unique fluffy feathers keep them warm even in cool environments, and these same feathers keep them from flying making them easier to handle. The prices for silkie chickens vary considerably depending on the breeder as well as their color, gender, and age. Shipping charges, which are determined by the shipping provider and method, should also be inquired about if you will not be picking up your birds in person.

It is important to obtain your silkie chickens from a trustworthy breeder who has considerable knowledge of chickens in general as well as the specific breed. It is equally as important that the breeder you work with is willing to share that knowledge with you. Being able to get in contact with your chickens’ breeder in the future should questions arise is invaluable.

Breeding animals responsibly tends to take more time and resources, so the initial purchase price may be a little more when you work with a reputable breeder. However, purchasing your birds from a knowledgeable breeder can save you money over the long haul.

Chickens are known for being inexpensive to raise, but considering these costs before bringing any chickens home is prudent. Another cost to consider is housing. While some people allow their chickens to live indoors with the help of chicken diapers, most provide their chickens with an outdoor coop and area to roam. Fortunately, prefabricated outdoor housing and fencing does not need to cost you a small fortune. In fact, you can build it yourself and save even more money! Veterinarian visits may be necessary over the life of your birds, so considering vet costs up front can be helpful. Before purchasing your silkies, find a veterinarian in the area who treats chickens and ask about their fees upfront so there are no surprises should you need to make an appointment.

Silkie chickens make useful, fun pets for young and old alike. Chickens can thrive in a myriad of environments and are not expensive to raise. In fact, they can be a source of income if you choose to sell their eggs. Even if you just enjoy their delicious, fresh eggs yourself, they provide a cost savings. Remember that working with a knowledgeable breeder can be the biggest cost savings of all over the course of your chickens’ lives!

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