Decorative Pet Urns – Lovely Memorials for the Home

A pet is a part of your family. Sure, they may not have a seat at the dining room table, but they certainly hold a dear spot in most of our hearts. They are there when we need them, whether it’s to play or cuddle. They never question our love and they reward our companionship with unwavering loyalty until the day they die.

Losing a pet is never easy, but if you own a pet, the fact is, at some point, they will pass away and it will likely be before you. In order to pay tribute to a pet that you loved so much, why not look at decorative pet urns as a way of storing and displaying your beloved pet’s cremains?

Playful urns for pups

If your best friend was a dog, then you should definitely look into decorative pet urns for dogs. These urns are a great way to have a lasting memorial to the steadfast companion you had during their life. You can choose from a wide variety of materials, from wood to ceramic to metal and everything in between, and there are a variety of sizes depending on your dog’s breed.

Want a memorial that reminds you of how playful your pooch was? Then opt for something with bright colors or a bone on the front of the urn. Decorative pet urns can send whatever message you want to send to the people that see your memorial. If you feel that your dog was a more relaxed, easy going canine, then stick with muted colors and a simple design.

Fancy urns for felines

Every cat owner knows that their feline runs the roost so to speak and when it comes to decorative pet urns, don’t you think they would want something that fits their personality? From festive decorations to a subtle design, cat urns can be just about anything you can imagine. While most cats are around the same size, you can ensure that you get just the right size for them by selecting sizes by your cat’s weight. The standard unit of measure is that you need to allow one cubic inch per one pound of your feline’s weight prior to cremation.

When you want to give your pet a lasting memorial that’s a testament to their loyalty and love, decorative pet urns are a great way to show that you really cared about your pet and you want to remember them for the rest of your life.

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