Man’s Furry-Best Friend

Man’s best friend is not his neighbor nor his spouse but his pet dog (open for debate). This is now a common notion widely accepted by all regardless of race, nation, religion or social standing. Whether or not you are white or black, rich or poor, or either you live in the coldest or hottest country, you can own and have your best-furry friend. Some are so costly and bought for a price shocking to the human conscience (pets of Hollywood stars) while some are picked up from the streets on a lonely, rainy night. The latter are those stray homeless dogs pitied on. It is a wonder how and why these people could have so easily decided to give these dogs shelter on their own roofs when they don’t have a clue as to their background. For all their pitiful conditions and large brown eyes, they are still animals and could act as animals at any moment to an unsuspecting man. Surprisingly, most of the time, the dogs turn out good ones or maybe they could sense the goodness in the people they’re with. This is widely practiced in the first world countries, not so with the ‘other world countries’.

A dog is defined in the Webster’s Dictionary as a canine mammal of numerous breeds, commonly kept as domestic pet or the male of the wolf or fox. It is one of the earliest animal that has ever been domesticated dating back to approximately 15,000 years ago. This coincides with the development of agriculture and the large expansion in human territory. Human and dog cohabitation proved successful even on those early times. They are believed to be so sensitive as to their surroundings including that strong sense of smell even of abstract things such as danger. On those early times, they are used as hunters. Believed to be descendants of wolves, they inherited a complex social hierarchy and behaviors from their ancestors. As pack hunters, they are so socially sensitive that they can determine each dog’s position within the pack. There are also skills they possess unexpected of any animals, i.e. communicating with the other dogs through nonverbal signs including posture that reveal their states of mind. This could be one of the other reasons why they can be easily trained. This, and their ability to fit into human society and households have earned them the title of the man’s best friend.

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