Hamster Breeding Cycle

Hamsters are one particular pet which has a very typical breeding procedure and there goes a lot into conceiving hamster pups. They have a natural tendency to mate every week and there is no bar to which breed they belong to. The months from April to October are known as the hamster’s mating season. A male and female hamster when left together inside a cage are bound to make love even if they both are interlinked by blood family relationships.

It is a fact that male hamsters have a higher and quicker level of sexual arousal than female hamsters. They force the females to mate with them every day and their desire even arises more than once a day. But the female hamsters undergo a cycle of four days during which no amount of pressure from the male counterpart would enable them to have sex.

At the fourth day of her cycle the female becomes ready to have intercourse with a smelly white liquid oozing out of her vagina. This attracts the male hamsters to mate and also the female rear freezes in the air. The male would initially start with some foreplay to provide pleasure to the female hamster using his erectile penis. Then they would both willingly have intercourse during which always the male dominates.

Once they are done with their mating she needs a dimly light and warm atmosphere to positively conceive. The pregnancy period is sixteen days and on the sixteenth day she will give birth to cute, little hamster pups. The normal number of babies that breed in one litter is around ten, which may come down to eight in count if the mother hamster suffers from genetic anomalies.

They give birth in a secluded environment and the mother hamster does not like to be interrupted. Often she becomes exhausted while giving birth because there are so many pups, and she gives up pushing which suffocates many of the unborn baby hamsters.

But those which come out successfully are caressed by the mother hamster and are cleaned up from the placenta covering. The newborn hamsters are then fed their mother’s breast milk until they have the strength to finally move around. But within twenty four hours of birth the mother hamster becomes open to mating again.

While the female hamster would be busy having sex the new pups remain closely attached to each other and in a cozy ball, whining for their mother’s attention. Then within forty five days the pups will be grown up and be eligible to mate and breed on their own.

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