Urns for Pets – Creating a Custom Memorial For Your Family Friend

Loss in any form is always hard on a family. That’s why, when you lose the family pet, whether they are a dog or a cat, the loss is difficult to cope with. Oftentimes, the younger members of the family will feel the death of a pet more deeply than the adults will, simply because they have bonded strongly with the pet. One of the ways that you can honor the memory of your pet and help give your young children a sense of closure is by having them cremated and having a custom urn created to store their cremains.

But when looking at urns for pets, why should you consider a custom urn over something readily available?

They’re one of a kind. Urns for pets come in all sizes and shapes and having a custom one created gives you the option of a completely unique urn. Having an urn that was created specifically and lovingly for your pet makes it that much more meaningful and special for your entire family. Knowing that it was done as a family makes it not only a memorial to your pet, but a testament to your family’s togetherness during a time of grief.

They aren’t that expensive. People often think that custom urns for pets will cost them far too much money, but the fact of the matter is that you can have a custom urn for your pet that doesn’t break the bank. Many times, it’s as simple as taking a simple metallic urn and adding your favorite photo of your dog or cat to the outside so you have a lifelong memory of them during their life.

Your children can have input on the design. In order to help your children find some sort of outlet to cope with their grief (something that they are likely relatively new to feeling), involving them in the design of a memorial can help them to understand the finality, but also use their creativity and emotions to design something that’s meaningful to them and that they think would be a suitable urn for their pet.

Options for urns for pets are varied and numerous and sometimes taking the time to have something unique made for your beloved pet can make all the difference in the world for you and for the other members of the family as you get together to design an urn that’s perfect for the pet that you’ve all lost.

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