Pet Acupressure – Ancient Treatment Modality For Pets

If you think you spend way too much time at your veterinary practice, you will be keen to investigate alternative and supplemental ways of treatment you can give to your pet yourself. Veterinary acupressure is a technique you can learn and apply to your pets and animals at home.

The Chinese have been applying acupressure to their animals for thousands of years very successfully: they would treat horses and birds of prey, such as falcons used for hunting.

Qi is defined as the ultimate energy of life, that flows through all parts of the body, nourishing them and helping to enhance organ functioning.

Qi is travelling in channels, the meridians, which are actually thought lines that travel mostly over the entire body. In certain anatomically defined areas these meridians reach the surface of the body and these are called acu-points.

Acu-points are classified by letters and numbers according to the specific location and meridian they occur on. Through stimulation at these points, it does not matter, if through pressure or insertion of needles, the brain and nervous system will release endorphines and induce immune processes to help modulate pain.

Pet acupressure is a form of treatment you can learn fairly quickly and because of its non-invasive nature, it is safe to use on pets as well.

Acu-points and meridians are the same as in acupuncture, but the point stimulation techniques are very different: you use only your fingers, hands and controlled pressure released in various techniques.

Organs or anatomic structures that are close to the body surface won’t be accidentally injured, as this can happen when practising acupuncture with needles.

The effects on animals that respond well to acupressure treatment can be amazing: deep relaxation, natural pain relief and a new form of communication between you and your pet are reported often by pet owners.

Very often it is not only the animal that starts being relaxed, most pet parents can relax during a calm session themselves as well!

It is definitely a gentle, but powerful treatment, which is recommended by some vets to support healing and recovery from an injury, accident or surgery.

People who have been using acupressure on their own pets and animals report how well they start to understand their pets. If you learn how to do it and practise you will be able to almost “feel” the flow of Qi: this in itself can be an overwhelmingly good feeling. It will bring you definitely much more closer to your pet than anything else!

On the other hand, your pet may be able to find a new channel of communication with you… Interestingly enough, they seem to come to you and ask for the next treatment, as many pet owners have noticed.

If you practise regularly you will also find that this type of non-verbal communication, although very subjective but powerful, can help to detect imbalances and medical conditions in their early stages.

This again will help very much in the diagnosis of diseases and ill thrift, so your veterinarian can help in a much earlier stage of a disease and often a lot less medical intervention is needed to resolve it.

So, when will you give it a try and learn how to do pet acupressure?

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