Pet Allergy Air Purifier – 4 Reasons Pet Owners Need One

Being allergic to your pet can really put a damper on how much you enjoy it. Using an air purifier to reduce the allergens that often cause problems is an effective solution. Here are 4 reasons that everyone with a warm-blooded pet needs one.

Hair—Part of the charm and warm fuzzy feeling that they give us is because of the hair or fur that warm-blooded animals have. Stuffed animals don’t hold a candle to the real thing. But stuffed animals also don’t have the hair often finds its way into places you don’t want it and never imagined it.

Petting a dog, cat, bunny, ferret or other cuddly pet can result in hair on you, your clothes, the furniture, and on the floor. And even though hair isn’t the actual allergen (the dander is), the fur often has pieces of dander stuck to it.

Anyone who is sensitive to the protein in these dead skin flakes can react by sneezing, coughing, congestion, watering eyes, and in some cases a throat that begins to close. Because the potential for loose hair can be staggering over the course of months, even years, being able to actively filter it from the air is crucial.

Dander—This is the result of a natural process where old and often damaged skin is constantly being replaced by newer, healthier skin that is more able to defend the body against disease and infection. These small flakes are invisible to the human eye because they are microscopic in size. But the protein they contain can cause allergies and asthma to flare and the constant contact can also present as on-going symptoms that seemingly never go away. Both of these effects are likely to be minimized with an air purifier that can effectively reduce the amount of dander with which you come in contact.

Odor—Those of us who love pets often become use to the distinct smell that our pets have. The sebaceous glands secrete sebum which is an oily substance. When bacteria start to break down this oil, it can smell. As pet owner you may not find this smell objectionable, but others who come to your home may not feel the same way.

A cleaner which contains a carbon filter is an excellent choice for this kind of smell. Carbon has long been known for its ability to remove gases, odors, and chemicals, and it can take out the animal odor that often lets others know there are pets even before they see them.

Urine-–This ranks right up there with one of the worse smells there is. Chemicals like ammonia that off-gas from it can single-handedly cause an asthma flare-up. And as effective as carbon is, even it needs help from an additive such as ammonasorb to clear the air.

Even with careful cleaning urine smell can continue on, especially if moisture is. Allowing a cleaner to run 24 hours a day means that the air is always fresh-smelling regardless of the mistakes your pet has made that day.

Sharing your life with a warm-blooded pet means that you will probably encounter all of these issues at some point. Using an air cleaner that is equipped with filters to handle all of the above issues can allow you to enjoy your pet and a home that looks and smells fresher and cleaner than it would without one.

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