Pepper Spray And Our Neighbors Dog

When I was Still living at home with my parents they got me a puppy. He was a mixed bread puppy, kind of brown black white all over. I named him Caesar the great.

As he got bigger he would follow me anywhere that I went. My Grandma and Grandpa lived three doors up the street so every time I would go to their house Caesar would go with me. He lived it there because he knew My grandma “Nanny” would give him table scraps.

My Grandma had a cat named Suzy and she wasn’t liked by Caesar at all. Anytime Caesar would see Suzy he chased her. Caesar was really fast and a fighter but Suzy somehow always got away. Sometimes I would get in trouble if Nanny thought I got Caesar after Suzy.

As I got older I got a newspaper route. Caesar would go with me and somehow cover the whole paper route with me. As I got to driving age My Mom would take me out driving her Volkswagen so Caesar always got the backseat. When I turned 16 Mom let me drive her V.W. just about anywhere.

I started hanging out with my childhood friend Bob since I could drive there in about 5 min. Sometimes Caesar would ride with me to Bob’s house but if he wasn’t around I went on without him. When Caesar would realize that the V.W. was gone he would run to Bob’s house to see if the V.W. was there.

If he didn’t find the car he would go back home.This went on for years until Caesar started getting a little older and decided to wait for me to come home. Across the alley the neighbors had a German Sheppard Dog.

This dog “Rex” was always either in side their house or in a pen that was about six feet high. Rex was the terror of the neighborhood and everyone knew he was mean, and that he would bite. He had already bitten one of my friends in the leg the prior year.

I always was on the lookout for him because I was just sure he was going to get out and attack me. Caesar was a fast dog and never lost a dog fight but I didn’t want him fighting this dog.

He was just outright mean to everyone. My step dad Bill however was not afraid of him plus he had pepper spray for dogs just in case and always kept an eye out for me. My Mom carried lipstick pepper spray with her for Rex too. One day Rex got out of his cage and decided to come over to our house.

My step dad chased Rex out of the garage with a baseball bat. About a month later I had been out riding my bicycle and saw that Rex was chasing Caesar up the street. I yelled for Bill who knew I guess what was happening and ran outside where he quickly got between Rex and Caesar to help protect Caesar as he ran into the yard.

Bill had an oc pepper spray in his hand and quickly sprayed Rex before he could bite anyone. After that Bill called the police and had Rex taken away so they could get to the bottom of Rex jumping a six foot fence. The oc type pepper spray has been a favorite of mine because of how well it works. These pepper sprays will spray for about ten seconds and shoot six to eight feet in a strong stream pattern. When sprayed on an animal they will quickly try and wipe if off on the ground or pavement or what ever is close. These are also available in fog, which is good for spraying on more than one person at one time, or foam, which covers the attacker, or gel which has glue in it and sticks to your skin and gets hotter when rubbed on.

I never did see Rex again after that so I don’t really know what happened except that the neighbor hood was a better place for Caesar and I to play in safety. If Bill wouldn’t have had the pepper spray I’m not sure what Rex would have done.

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