Choosing Between a Cat and Dog

So you have decided you want to purchase a pet for your home. That was a difficult decision in itself but now you have to decide which pet will work in your environment. The majority of people who have pets in their home have either selected a dog or cat. The differences between the two are greater than you may think.

If you own a home where there is generally someone home most of the time a dog is a good choice. Many people do not realize that owning a dog requires time. Dogs are needy. They rely on their owners to not only provide food and water but also interaction. Walking and brushing are just part of the daily maintenance of a dog and it is important to note that dogs are needier than cats and tend to get lonely. So if you are gone often for extended periods of time a dog may not be the pet for you. They bond with their owner rather quickly and enjoy the time spent together. They truly are man’s best friend. They are loyal to the core. When you go to bed so do they. When you get up there they are. They love to be cared for. To leave a dog home alone for too long is scary for them. Many dogs actually suffer from anxiety from being left alone and refuse to eat until their owner has returned.

If on the other hand you are away often then a cat would be a better choice. They need you for the obvious food, water and a clean litter box, but aside from that they typically fend for themselves. A nice window sill or couch where the sun shines on it is wonderful to them. They sleep often and are rather unaffected by things going on around them. Of course they do enjoy the occasional snuggle and they will offer their satisfaction by purring, but aside from that they live within their own world. Unlike a dog, a cat is not likely to follow you into bed. Cats in a word are independent and like it that way.

There are other things to consider when choosing a pet such as young children, space and environment. If you have decided that you want an animal for you and your family weigh the pros and cons first, it will save heartache later on.

Once you have chosen the pet of your choice, be sure to protect them and keep them safe by purchasing a pet ID tag to return them home should they ever get lost.

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