How to Build a Chicken Coop – 4 Important Factors to Consider

Lots of people living in cities raise hens in their yards or rooftops because they want a regular supply of eggs; this is also a good way of getting organic eggs and chicken. If you plan to raise poultry in your home then you’ll need to know how to build a chicken coop first. You can buy these coops ready-made but it generally makes a lot of sense to make them by yourself. This way you can get the exact type of coop to suit your requirements.

Before you start working on your plans concerning how to build a chicken coop you’ll need to factor in four important considerations. They are:

– Number of hens: You’ll need to house at least 10 hens in order to make the entire enterprise worthwhile. The size of the coop will have to be calculated accordingly. Make sure that the coop has at least 4 or 5 nests so that the chickens will have sufficient comfort. You’ll also need to have adequate space for each bird to perch on. The birds will also need a reasonable amount of space to move around in. If you have lots of space at home then you can increase the number of hens you raise.

– Ease of cleaning: Birds kept in enclosed conditions tend to get diseases very easily. Make sure that the door of the coop has a wide enough door that enables you to have easy access into it. Also, the coop should be high enough to accommodate 3 – 4 inches of wood shavings easily.

– Availability of light and air: Your chickens will do very well if they have access to natural sunlight and plenty of fresh air. At the same time, the air and ventilation windows should be secured so that the birds cannot escape or be attacked by predators.

– Cost of the raw materials: You will need a certain amount of lumber and chicken wire in order to build your own chicken coop. If you buy all the materials brand new then it will be quite expensive. Look for designs that make intelligent use of materials so that you require fewer of them. You could also buy your raw materials second hand.

Once you figure out how to build a chicken coop you can purchase the chicks that you will raise in it. Pretty soon you will have a good supply of home-grown eggs at home.

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