Does Your Pet Need Pet Vaccinations?

Pet vaccinations are just as controversial as those given to humans. Is this a good idea? Is this going to cause an ill reaction in your favorite animal? Before you consider having this procedure done, talk to your vet about the options, and the need for specific treatments. Like humans, there are many benefits to having these given to your dogs or cats. If you avoid doing so, in some cases, you could be taking a risk with their health. Still, you should be informed about your and your animal’s needs before you decide to have this done.

What Are They?

Pet vaccinations are very much the same as what children get. These provide a way for the body to defend against the various ailments and diseases that your pet could be at risk for if they do not have it. Vaccines work in the same basic way. A small, much weakened dose of the disease or illness is injected into the body of the animal. Once there, the animal’s natural immune system triggers a fight against it. The vaccine itself is destroyed, but what is left behind is what is important.

In order to fight off these conditions and to prevent further problems, the body creates antibodies. These are specially trained cells that are designed to remember this specific type of illness and how to treat it within the body. That way, if the animal comes into contact with the illness or disease again, the body’s immune system is poised to take care of it, and in most cases there is no recurrence of the condition.

What’s So Bad?

There are risks, though rare, for these types of vaccines. In some situations, they do have side effects, and those side effects can be severe. There is the risk that the animal will become infected with the virus, and that could lead to harmful results. However, most animals do not struggle with this. What they do get, though, is the ability to be healthy longer if they do become infected with a condition at some point in their future.

Should you get them? If you are unsure if this is a step you should take, find a vet that you trust. Find out what his or her opinion is, and what steps you can take to minimize any type of pain or risk of side effects from the pet vaccinations. In nearly all situations, it is a good idea to have these done. In fact, your county may even require it. You should also not put off having them done, as it may be important to do them at a specific age.

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